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Business condition of Water Works Bureau

Last update date February 25, 2020

Until tap water arrives to faucet

Many facilities are necessary, and the maintenance entails a large amount of cost to send tap water to faucet.

Illustration which showed that various facilities such as dams were necessary to send tap water to faucet

Water supply business that is supported with water rate

"Maintenance of water source", "anti-disaster measures" conduct various affairs, "management of the quality of the water" "repairs leak of water explosion" "update improvement of water pipe" "driving of water purification plant and pumping station" to have you use channel for citizen's all of you in Water Works Bureau in peace forever.
And it is provided by water rate that is hardly expected to pay of expense to modify such duties that Water Works Bureau performs whereas general administrative services are served by tax.
This system is called "self-supporting accounting system" and is set as fundamental principle of management of "local government industry" including water supply business and is system that was set of "increase of the public welfare" that is role that local public entity should carry out to show economy of company.

Illustration reflecting the image of water supply facility being dependent on rate to receive from customer

Use of water rate

Use of water rate that is main resources of water supply business is as follows.

Figure which expressed use of water rate when we assumed monthly water rate 2,750 yen

About half of water rate is used for exchange such as water pipe which became old and return of money that we borrowed for water supply facility maintenance so far.

Exchange construction of water pipe which became old

It is necessary to exchange water pipe which became old for pipe (earthquake-resistant pipe) resisting earthquake to continue stably sending tap water. We change with the goal of 110km a year (we can change water pipe about 9,200km in the city in 80 years) in Water Works Bureau, and about 20 billion yen is necessary for the construction every year.

Illustration reflecting the image of what we would update to earthquake-resistant pipe at 110km a year in future

How does financial status of water supply business turn out after this?

As use quantity of water decreases by the spread of saving water apparatuses, water rate income is trend toward decreases, too. It is expected that this tendency will continue in future.

Graph of change of daily mean water supply and water rate income

Image figure of now of quantity of water to use for restroom cleaning per once and old comparison

On the other hand, a large quantity of facilities which we maintained for the rapid economic growth period get older and reach update time sequentially. Therefore it will entail a large amount of cost for facility maintenance in future, and management becomes severer and severer.

Graph of update prediction of pipe that deterioration advances

Let's think about coming water supply business

We push forward efficiency of the following management in Water Works Bureau.

We work on reduction of the large staff fixed number and pushed forward efficiency of management, but it is anticipated that severer business condition continues until now to enter Yokohama-shi in situation of population decline. The council by experts of water supply business and corporate management installed "the role council such as Yokohama-shi water rates" in April, 2018 to fix the eyes on change of such a management environment in Water Works Bureau, and to consider about the way of water rate appropriate for Yokohama-shi in the future toward healthy water supply business administration which continued in the future and, after the deliberation of eight times until August, 2019, had report in September, 2019.

We collect thought as Water Works Bureau on the basis of this report and will explain in Yokohama City Council which is representative of citizen's in future.

About the situation of the deliberation, contents of report, please see this.

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About administration ⽅ needle of the ⽔ way station, budget, financial statements, please see this.

As for public information Yokohama Water Works Bureau xtra, please see this.

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