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Yokohama-shi staff adoption "water supply tech job"

Guidance of "water supply tech job" to adopt in April, 2021

Last update date July 6, 2020

[we tell about charm of water supply tech job] R2.6.25 - streaming!

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Video introduces main work and worth doing.

[we introduce contents and duty condition of work] 2020 version "water supply tech job" leaflet

Water supply tech job leaflet

What is 1 water supply tech job?

 We make use of technique that we cultivated during long history in City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau and, in people living in Yokohama or working people, company, provide "water high quality by security" without cease 24 hours a day, every day.
 "Water supply tech job" learns technique peculiar to such a channel and, for the purpose of what we convey in the future, is the type of job that began adoption from 2017.

2 main work

 "Maintenances such as water pipe" to send water to customer for "transportation by water" to carry water which we made while we wait "clean water disposal of" rivers to make tap water from water, there is various job including "plan, design, taskmaster of facility". We may be engaged in update and international contribution (work in foreign countries) of large-scale facility, cooperation to affected areas at the time of disaster.
 For more details, please see leaflet (PDF: 1,572KB). We publish job placement by the young staff.

3 worth doing?

・Public utilities that "water supply" supports people and town. We can have "a sense of duty" and "pride"!
・Modern water supply first Japanese in Yokohama-shi. We can have an experience of not being able to do it as pioneer of water supply technology elsewhere!
・The Japan's biggest basic local government. There is work that was good for you including big project and civic correspondence!

4 duty conditions

Salary () to include starting salary (area allowance of 2020)

[technical college, short university graduate] 184,092 yen
[high-school graduate]  171,448 yen
※Depending on the situation such as commuting or duty, commutation allowance, house allowance, dependency allowance, overtime pay are paid.
※Diligent allowance is paid kimatsu.

Working hours, vacation

[working hours] 8 30~17 15 (break 12:00-13:00):
         ※There is shift duty including late-night operation by duty place
         ※There is staggered office hours system
[day not to need duty] Saturday and Sunday
[holiday] National holiday, from December 29 to January 3
[vacation] Annual vacation, summer holidays, sick leave, marriage leave

About house

We lend temporary house after adoption so that the staff from outside the prefecture starts duty in peace.
[place] Seya-ku, Yokohama-shi Futatsu Bridge 553
     (Sotetsu Line Mitsukyo Station 15-minute walk in Mitsukyo office site)
[object] The water supply tech job staff of 2021 entering the agency
     (in the case of Kanagawa, Tokyo residence commuting time more than one and a half hours)
[expense] Monthly basis 16,000 yen
     (Water Works Bureau bears photothermal water costs)
[entering period] From March, 2021 to December (plan)

[type of examination] High-school graduate degree
[application period]  From Thursday, June 25, 2020 to Wednesday, July 22
[primary examination]  Sunday, September 27, 2020
[announcement passing for the last time] Friday, November 13, 2020 (plan)
[the pass results]   2016-2018, 2019: For each ten people
※Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, examination schedules may be changed.
 When there is change, Yokohama-shi staff adoption guidance homepage "start." And, on City of Yokohama, Personnel Commission Secretartiat formula Twitter, we will tell at any time.

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