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History of Yokohama Channel to look at in picture, photograph

Last update date March 25, 2020

History of Yokohama Channel 130 years to look at with picture

Picture image
With Yokohama Channel 130 years - all of you relief to the future ... (the outside site) (the outside site) (move to page of YouTube Yokohama-shi formula channel "CityOfYokohama".)

Yokohama Channel archives

It is history, cultural assets of Yokohama Channel, photograph in conjunction with facility. (partly)

We can download from the following in a mass.

Yokohama Channel archives
Data titleData contentsData format
HistoryHistory image of Yokohama Channelzip (file: 34,683KB)
Cultural assetsImage of facilities which supported cultural assets and water supply business of Yokohama Channelzip (file: 903KB)
Current facilityCurrent facility of Yokohama Channelzip (file: 6,301KB)
Now and the bygone days of Yokohama ChannelNow and the bygone days photograph (history of 130 years publication photograph) of Yokohama Channelzip (file: 52,982KB)

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