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Q&A (about the quality of the water of tap water) about new coronavirus

Last update date July 21, 2020

May you be infected with new coronavirus from tap water?

It is known that coronavirus generally loses infection power in disinfection by chlorine.
As tap water is had chlorination of appropriately, we may not be infected with new coronavirus from tap water.
For the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, "brisk bathroom" using imminent tap water, please.
It is this about prophylaxis

Chlorine enters tap water, can you sanitize new coronavirus by covering handrails with tap water?

It is stipulated that tap water has chlorination in laws and ordinances, and chlorine for disinfection is included in tap water which Yokohama-shi supplies.
Therefore, disease-causing germs and virus cannot survive in tap water.
However, when we wipe with tap water, cloth and article to use, chlorine in tap water is used again by contact with air, and it is thought that it is difficult to maintain enough chlorine levels though we deaden bacteria and virus.
For new coronavirus measures when we wipe, chlorine-based bleach is effective. It is validated that we dilute chlorine-based bleach for kitchen with tap water (for the density of sodium hypochlorite around 0.05%) and use.
[reference] "Let's keep Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry material clean around the new coronavirus measures body." (the outside site)
How to make 0.05% or more of sodium hypochlorite liquid is written.

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