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Screen animator

Last update date March 11, 2019

Image of screen animator

We deliver screen animator of hama pyon. Download, and your PC niitsudemohama pyon!

Downloading (file: 967KB)
※Windows is for exclusive use

Installation, setting method

  • As file which we downloaded than "downloading" of the file mentioned above is compressed in ZIP format, we decompress file.
    If thawing is completed, please double-click defrosting file. As installation screen stands up, please install according to message.
  • We let you display "screen property", and setting of screen animator, please choose "screen animator" among "screen" of "Control Panel" from upper tab.
    As list of screen animator is displayed by the lower left, please choose "hamapyon2009".
  • Flashplayer is necessary to use screen animator.
    Screen animator does not start, or please download than lower icon even if you start when you become black.


  • File making is granted with extreme caution, but please perform downloading by personal responsibility.
  • Occurred by not having been able to use use or that of our file; is derivative, about the incidental or indirect damage (including the damage by loss of profit in business, interruption of duties, the loss of business information) of outbreak of such damage and claim for payment from third party when is informed of that is promising beforehand, do not take responsibility at all.

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