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Characteristic of water supply works

Last update date March 26, 2019

Water supply works has various types, but explains "update construction" to exchange performed superannuation pipe for new pipe normally.
As we bury new pipe while using a certain water pipe now and remove old pipe, time takes long in comparison with construction that just buries new pipe.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but, during construction, I would like your understanding and cooperation.
In addition, this construction is divided into five construction like the following construction images.

  • In construction, we try to suppress the vibration noise of construction using machine of the low noise, but the vibration noise produces case such as pavement being thick when we demolish.
  • We will repeat work that digs soil at every construction, and buries four times as in the following construction images so that people and car pass. Once seems to be able to construct, but we decide and dig range that road can go along on the day and will bury as time never suffers from water pipe which there is now when we construct while putting water. In addition, as for the restoration of road, it is temporary temporary restoration as it is necessary to dig repeatedly.
  • They depend on type or scale of construction, but much water supply works constructs while moving construction place to progress condition of construction.
  • The construction days are different whether scale and type of construction, condition that we are easy to construct are set.
  • When dorofuku is small, we perform suspension of traffic and may construct.
  • For filler substitute of water pipe accompanied with construction, water outage may occur.
  • It is just reference, and this construction order may be different from fact.

Construction order

Trial boring mechanic

We investigate correct positions such as duct lines buried under the road and perform restoration of temporary road.

Water pipe new establishment mechanic

We install new water main and perform restoration of temporary road.


We change service pipe (personal possession) from each family to new water main and perform restoration of temporary road.

Existing water pipe removal mechanic

We remove superannuation pipe which we used and perform restoration of temporary road so far.

Road surface restoration mechanic

We get temporary road which restored back to full-scale pavement so far.

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