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"Local we watch network" promotion course

Last update date July 9, 2020

Living of consumers

Information for lecturer dispatch

In consideration of influence of new coronavirus infectious disease and heat stroke, we stop lecturer dispatch to course this year until August 31, 2020.
We are going to reopen assuming having you take perfect infection preventive measures after having considered your security to the first based on the outbreak situation of new coronavirus infectious disease after September.
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In late years consumers damage of elderly person shows a tendency toward hovering high, and damage amount of money becomes large amount, and the damage worsens.
Based on such situation, we dispatch lecturer to workshops that local, are held in various places of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations including member of consumer life promotion to deepen knowledge about consumers damage, and to be able to make use for activity.
Lecturer dispatch expense is free.
※By the situation of new coronavirus infectious disease, postponement, cancellation of lecturer dispatch may not meet requirements. We hope that we understand.

Course theme example

  • Malicious business method measures course (product for elderly people) for elderly people
  • People being established for consumers damage prevention of elderly person (product for supporters)

Dispatch lecturer

Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs, lawyer


(1) The training that member of consumer life promotion hosts
(2) The training that Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations hosts
※ Meeting and luncheon party for local elderly people that we watch, and the people concerned gather for,
You can utilize in salons.

Application method

Until the following charge, please call beforehand. Afterwards, please submit request for lecturer dispatch course book.

The application point

The lecturer dispatch application point (PDF: 717KB)

Lecturer dispatch request book, report (word: 30KB)

Preventive measures against infection in course holding (PDF: 198KB)

Application, inquiry

Consumption economy section "we watch network promotion course charge of area"
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E-mail: [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-2584

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