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The consumer life-related four method indication monitoring business

Last update date July 2, 2020

Living of consumers

In Economic Affairs Bureau consumption economy section, we perform on-the-spot inspection to the city store based on Household Goods Labelling Law, safety law for everyday consumer goods, the electrical equipment security method and the gas business method and plan adequacy of indication.

Main desk work to perform in Economic Affairs Bureau consumption economy section

Household Goods Labelling Law

  • Confirmation of indication matter and additional note matter of product appointed by cabinet ordinance with four branches of textiles, synthetic resin artefact, electric machine appliance and miscellaneous goods industry product

Safety law for everyday consumer goods

  • Confirmation of PSC mark of particularly specific product and specific product except particularly specific product
  • Confirmation of duty and duty of sale company of specific maintenance product

The electrical equipment security method

  • Confirmation such as PSE marks of specific electrical equipment and electrical equipment except specific electrical equipment

The gas business method

  • Confirmation of PSTG mark of specific gas article and gas article except specific gas article

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