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Place of exchange of opinions of consumers and company

Last update date July 2, 2020

Living of consumers

Place of exchange of opinions of consumers and company

We hold discussion meeting for mutual understanding so that opinion of consumers is reflected by operation of company.
We carried out discussion meeting by Takii seed and sapling-like cooperation on theme about "the kind, seed method abolition of vegetables" on Monday, January 21, 2019.
As for the design of the day, please see this. ⇒「Conduct report (PDF: 142KB)

List of past results
Monday, January 21
Tuesday, January 23
Thursday, January 26
Tuesday, January 19
Thursday, January 29
ThemeAbout the kind, seed method abolition of vegetablesAbout mouth careApproach for acrylic amideWith functional indication foodTo eat ... seafood thinking about dining table from the sea in peace
ContentsAbout the current situation of seeds of vegetables, the seed method abolitionAbout safety of toothbrushing agent, importance of mouth careApproach for acrylic amide reduction in foodAbout system or safety of functional indication foodAbout security, relief of marine product
Attendant (company)Takii & Co.,Ltd.Sunstar Inc.CALBEEGiraffeYokohama Maruuo
Attendant (consumer organization)12 5 groupsNine 5 groups16 6 groups14 5 groups15 8 groups
Citizen of open call for participantsSix peopleEight peopleFive peopleThree peopleTwo people

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