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We report council for the ninth consumer life report and opinion in detail from the first

Last update date January 4, 2019

Living of consumers

We report council for the ninth consumer life report and opinion in detail from the first

Council for the first consumer life (period: from October, 1996 in September, 1998)

About the way of support to independent activity of consumers pdf(report) (PDF: 127KB)

Council for the second consumer life (period: from October, 1998 in September, 2000)

About the way to prevent consumers damage pdf(report) (PDF: 1,145KB)

Council for the third consumer life (period: from October, 2000 in September, 2002)

About the role of company instruction, damage relief system pdf(report) (PDF: 1,768KB)

Council for the fourth consumer life (period: from October, 2002 in September, 2004)

About the way of the consumer life regulations on the basis of social economic turn of eventss pdf(report) (PDF: 1,409KB)

Council for the fifth consumer life (period: from October, 2004 in September, 2006)

About the way of the Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations corresponding to Basic Law for consumers pdf(report) (PDF: 142KB)

Council for the sixth consumer life (period: from October, 2006 in September, 2008)

About the way of education for consumers, learning support pdf(report) (PDF: 417KB)

Council for the seventh consumer life (period: from October, 2008 in September, 2010)

About the way of consumer administration of future Yokohama-shi pdf(proposal) (PDF: 1,019KB)

Council for the eighth consumer life (period: from October, 2010 in September, 2012)

About grasp of the actual situation to affect consumer life and problem of consumer administration pdf(report) (PDF: 1,074KB)

Council for the ninth consumer life (period: from October, 2012 in September, 2014)

About education for consumers in new viewpoint pdf(report) (PDF: 1,427KB)

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