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Council for the tenth Yokohama-shi consumer life

Last update date March 11, 2019

Living of consumers

Council for Yokohama-shi consumer life

About council for the tenth consumer life

pdfThe first minutes (December 4, 2014 holding) (PDF: 191KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 1,061KB)
pdfThe second minutes (February 9, 2016 holding) (PDF: 283KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 361KB)
pdfThe third minutes (September 9, 2016 holding) (PDF: 263KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 1,533KB)

The sectional meeting holding situation

Measure examination sectional meeting

pdfThe first minutes (July 23, 2015 holding) (PDF: 283KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 5,156KB)
pdfThe second minutes (December 7, 2015 holding) (PDF: 328KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 1,613KB)
pdfThe third minutes (May 30, 2016 holding) (PDF: 286KB)/pdfmeeting materials (PDF: 1,925KB)

pdfReport "see to prevent consumers damage of way - elderly person of defense ... of elderly person in area" (PDF: 1,409KB)
pdfReport "see to prevent consumers damage of way - elderly person of defense ... of elderly person in area" (summary version) (PDF: 170KB)

Consumer life collaboration promotion business examination evaluation sectional meeting

pdfThe first minutes (March 17, 2015 holding) (PDF: 199KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 4,369KB)
pdfThe third minutes (November 19, 2015 holding) (PDF: 307KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 1,781KB)
pdfThe fifth minutes (June 24, 2016 holding) (PDF: 304KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 11,644KB)

Education for consumers promotion area discussion sectional meeting

pdfThe first minutes (February 2, 2015 holding) (PDF: 334KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 2,507KB)
pdfThe second minutes (June 30, 2015 holding) (PDF: 289KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 1,899KB)
pdfThe third minutes (August 1, 2016 holding) (PDF: 286KB)/pdfdistribution material (PDF: 2,758KB)

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