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Education for consumers in school

Last update date October 12, 2020

Living of consumers

Information for dispatch lecture/off site lecture

For promotion of education for consumers in school and home, we perform dispatch lecture/off site lecture that lecturer dispatches expert and company. From 2019, we expand menu about "consumers trouble before the fact prevention accompanied with adult age reduction" newly and carry out. Please use.

Course theme example

  • How to use and rule of the Internet and cell-phone
  • Usage of thing and money
  • Contract and consumer protection, malicious business method damage prevention
  • About consumers trouble before the fact prevention accompanied with adult age reduction
  • About right measurement

Dispatch lecturer

Lawyer, financial planner, Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs


City school, PTA

Application method

After prior consultation, please submit infectious disease measures sheet at the use application and dispatch lecture/off site lecture conduct.

The use application

Dispatch lecture/off site lecture flyer, the use application (collective downloading) (PDF: 1,969KB)

Application, inquiry

Consumption economy section "dispatch lecture/off site lecture charge"
Telephone: 671-2584 FAX: 664-9533

We made Yokohama-shi original "petty cash book"!

We made "petty cash book" to be able to learn consumers trouble by comics. We download PDF file and are available.
The use after education for consumers dispatch lecture/off site lecture of theme is effective "usage of thing and money" in municipal elementary and junior high school.
You download at each school and home, and please inflect.
We download petty cash book (PDF: 5,560KB)

Petty cash book

We made the fourth "upbringing of ability for decision making" that aimed at sustainable society as member of consumers civil society - junior high school technology, home economics (the field of family) - education for consumers teaching materials

The teaching materials photograph

I received cooperation from Municipal Junior High School technology, home economics teachers to plan promotion of education for consumers in school and made these teaching materials and distributed to Municipal Junior High School.

Toward the hope, we perform rental. Please contact education for consumers person in charge in detail (please bear the round-trip postage). (Phone: 045-671-2584 FAX: 045-664 - 9533)

Education for consumers portal site (to page of Consumer Affairs Agency)

It is site providing various information about education for consumers that Consumer Affairs Agency runs.
Education for consumers portal site (Consumer Affairs Agency) (the outside site)
*About copyright, responsibility about contents of linking server, you shall belong to operator of each server, and please note that you cannot take responsibility about the contents as Yokohama-shi.

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Inquiry to this page

Economic Affairs Bureau civic economic Labor Relations Division consumption economy section

Telephone: 045-671-2584

Telephone: 045-671-2584

Fax: 045-664-9533

E-Mail address [email protected]

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