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About cleaning using the Internet

Last update date March 11, 2019

In late years, using the Internet or locker, form of receipt of laundry and the laundry delivering is seen. Consultation not to be able to receive enough explanation for complaint that contact is not produced as for such form while we raise convenience that service user offers complaint for person of business is put to National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.

When we use these services, the following attention is necessary.

Toward the company cleaning using the Internet

You clarify company having responsibility of laundry, and, based on 2 of cleaning business method Article 3, please show name, the location of cleaning place to report, and to become point of complaint and contact information clearly. In addition, please give an appropriate response for proposal of complaint from consumers.

Toward the consumers

Because cleaning is service not to be carried out in front of the consumers unlike other services, identification of cause is difficult, and there is characteristic that there are many cases that it is hard to solve even if accident occurs. Therefore fault estimate that cleaning supplier compensates victim for is adopted regardless of whether there is the cause for cleaning duties unless cleaning accident compensation standard is set with it is standard business article in cleaning business and national cleaning life hygiene trade association combination fair, and company proved that accident was caused by fault of someone else exclusively.
However, there is company setting the handling that we compensate only when company is responsible without caused identification being in comparison with normal cleaning more difficult by cleaning using the Internet, and adopting fault estimate in the compensation at the time of accident occurrence again, and case that the handling of compensation standard is different is founded.
When the laundry using the Internet uses, we will use after having confirmed about the handling such as complaint correspondence or accident compensation enough.

(reference) About thorough consumer protection in cleaning (keneihatsu 0724 first July 24, 2014) (PDF: 779KB)

(reference) About news release of incorporated administrative agency National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan about cleaning business (March 9, 2015) (PDF: 382KB)

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