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About municipal graveyard memorial green

Last update date March 19, 2019

 We establish municipal graveyard memorial green in 2006 and perform management, administration by designated manager.

Facility summary

 In memorial green, there are three kinds of cinerarium facilities of lawn type cinerarium facility, burying together-type memorial service monument type cinerarium facility, burying together type tree type cinerarium facility.
 About characteristics of each cinerarium facility, please see page of introduction of memorial green cinerarium facility.

About recruitment of users

 Recruitment of users of memorial green was finished in 2013. About plan of re-offer, it is undecided at present.
 When we raise again, we publish in pages about new user offer of public information Yokohama and municipal graveyard, charnel and will guide in future.

Usage guidance of facility

About various procedures (toward graveyard user)

 We perform procedures that use requires for graveyard about (succession, cinerarium, reinterment procedure) in memorial green Administration Office.
 For details, please see page (the outside site) of memorial green-designated manager.

Transportation guide

 About way to memorial green, please see page of memorial green traffic guidance.

The choice, interphase evaluation of designated manager

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