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Information for northern funeral hall

Last update date May 20, 2020

Basic information

 The location: 〒 226-0026 5125-1, Nagatsutacho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Phone number 045-921-5700
 Fax: 045-921-5775

Transportation guide

When you come by train, bus

  1. We take municipal bus 55 system "to Wakabadai center" and get off the Tokaichiba Station (JR Yokohama Line) south exit at "northern funeral hall entrance".
  2. You turn at northern funeral hall entrance intersection, and, after the bus getting off, please go straight on (about ten minutes on foot).

When you come by taxi

 It is about ten minutes from the Nagatsuta Station (JR Yokohama Line or Tokyu Denentoshi Line) south exit (as we change by traffic conditions in the time required, please consider as indication).

When you come by privately-owned car

 Please see the next funeral hall guide map. In addition, guide map can print funeral hall guidance from file (PDF: 314KB) for print.

Image of northern funeral hall guide map
Northern funeral hall guide map

When you come through cyclic Route 4

 We turn at northern funeral hall entrance intersection of cyclic Route 4, and entrance of funeral hall is on the left side when we pass through tunnel.

When you come through Route 246

 When we turn at the former intersection of shrine and go straight to at Nagatsuta stand intersection, there is entrance of funeral hall on the right side for the sake of tunnel.
 In addition, about conveyance vehicle of body, you have you appear in cyclic Route 4 by detour, and please arrive by course to turn to at northern funeral hall entrance intersection.

When you come from the Yokohama area through Route 16

  1. We turn left at the approach road to Yokohama synthesis wholesale center.
  2. We turn right at the one of signal (Tsuchihashi, Seya Park entrance) at junction with cyclic Route 4.
  3. We advance to way and turn left at northern funeral hall intersection, and there is entrance of funeral hall on the left side when we pass through tunnel.

Facility image

Photograph of the northern funeral hall appearance
The northern funeral hall appearance

Page concerned

 In the opening day, the use time for municipal funeral hall, please see page of information for municipal funeral hall about cremation rates.

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