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About the issue of Yokohama-shi graveyard society report

Last update date May 11, 2020

Setting purpose of society

Because declining birth rate and the graying, nuclear family researched the way and direction of future Motoichi graveyard supply that fixed its eyes on the future while the social situation including progress of becoming changed, we installed the issue of Yokohama-shi graveyard society (the following, society) in August, 2009.

Reason to launch past process and society

  • There is the need examining the way of graveyard supply in Motoichi, the need of maintenance of municipal graveyard.
  • Citizen's needs for graveyard where it was in the form newly including lawn type graveyard, tree type graveyard where we could make use of green in, wall surface type graveyard which utilized land shape, burying together type graveyard for which successor was not increasing not conventional grave type graveyard, and need to examine municipal management graveyard maintenance because the supply was expected having appeared in municipal management graveyard.
  • Supply having been carried out for the private graveyard center in Motoichi, but dispute over graveyard construction occurring sequentially, and examination of solution policy being necessary.

Setting grounds

Examination item

  1. Setting method of the number of graveyard demand
  2. Role allotment of citizen concerned with graveyard maintenance
  3. Possibility of maintenance of park type municipal management graveyard
  4. Maintenance of green tract of land, the way and graveyard maintenance of adjustment area
  5. Validity of regulation of private graveyard

The issue of Yokohama-shi graveyard society report

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