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Specific animal

Last update date April 23, 2020

[important news] After June 1, 2020, regulation to affect breeding, storage of specific animal changes.

(1) Animal (= hybrid) which occurred in range of specific animal by doing crossing ※But, it is included.
It is necessary for person whom we breed hybrid of specific animal and keep to receive permission by May 31, 2020 now. Please consult early to Yokohama-shi animal protection center.
※When either parent is specific animal, all the children are objects of permission. When both are hybrids, parent does not apply to the child.
(2) It is forbidden breeding or keeping in specific animals (including hybrid) in petting purpose.
We cannot receive permission of breeding, storage in petting purpose after June 1, 2020.
Other than petting purpose, it is prohibited for the purpose of "purpose to set in display or other environmental departmental orders in facility which is similar to these zoo or other" breeding or that we keep.

To breed specific animal

Permission is necessary for "law about protection of animal and management" to breed animal (specific animal) which might add harm to human life, body or property, and to keep.

Target animal

Target animal
ClassificationAn example of species
MammalsJapanese monkey, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe, hippopotamus
BirdsCassowary, golden eagle, crowned eagle
ReptilesLoggerhead, poisonous lizard, poisonous snake, glasses caiman

※As for the details, please see list of target animals (PDF: 16KB).

In breeding, storage permission application

It is environmental departmental order and installs facility for breeding storage to adapt to standard about measures when structure of identification animal breeding facility setting and scale, breeding of identification animal or breeding of method of storage and identification animal or storage became difficult depending on type and property of specific animal and, for each type of animal, applies so that breeding keeps 1 identification animal again, and permission is necessary.
※The details refer to Ministry of the Environment homepage (the outside site).
2 validity is five years from permission day.
When we escaped outside facility by any chance, specific animal is animal which might lead to big accident such as injuring human life. We post mark on place that it is easy to look at, and, on breeding, storage, appropriate breeding management such as breeding in facility which received permission is demanded from the outside.

Flow of application

(1) Consultation
Before application procedure, please consult on the telephone by all means.
Yokohama-shi animal protection center
From weekdays (excluded on New Year holidays, holiday for Monday through Friday) 8:45 to 17:15
Phone number 045-471-2111
(2) Transfer of application, fee
Transfer of permission application fee is necessary at the time of application.
(3) Field work of specific breeding facility
(4) Grant of permit

Permission application fee

In 1 species, it is 16,000 yen
About 2 individual animals, it is necessary to receive another breeding storage permission.
Example: When we breed and keep "boa constrictor" and "amimenishikihebi"
16,000 yen X 2 species = 32,000 yen

Application procedure

Before application procedure, please consult on the telephone by all means.
 Yokohama-shi animal protection center
 From weekdays (excluded on New Year holidays, holiday for Monday through Friday) 8:45 to 17:15
 Phone number 045-471-2111
[required documents]
 Specific animal breeding, storage permission application (the rule style 14th) (PDF: 106KB)
  One principal and vice is necessary for each species. Please fill out in reference to application back side "remarks".
Documents (attached sheet 1) indicating what applicant (in the case of corporation corporation and the officer) does not correspond to by ha from law Article 27 Paragraph 1 No. 2 i (PDF: 8KB)
Name and address (in the case of corporation) of 3 officers
Drawing indicating structure of 4 specific breeding facilities and scale
Photograph of 5 specific breeding facilities
Sketch of 6 identification breeding facility neighborhood
Certificate which affects ID number of 7 microchip (possible as for the foot ring as for the birds)
8 and others

Report of identification measures

You must report that you took identification measures such as microchip within 30 days after breeding start.
Specific animal identification measures conduct notice (the style 20th) (PDF: 14KB)

Permission of change and report

When breeding facility or breeding head count include change, change permission application or notification of change is necessary.

Penal regulations

(1) Measures of cancellation disposal of permission are done in case such as method of time when we received permission and structure of facility and scale and storage not having adapted to standard by means of injustice.
(2) We breed without receiving permission, and, as for the case such as having changed facility, penal regulations such as fines imprisonment six months or less or 1 million yen or less are set by "law about protection of animal and management".

In addition, (precaution)

(1) Making measures that do not let animal go at the time of emergency disasters such as earthquake, fire.
When you escaped, in emergency, you report to animal protection center and police department promptly, and please act for owner oneself capture by any chance.
(2) When specific animal harmed to people, appropriate emergency measure deals so that and accident does not happen again, and please send the fact to animal protection center by the next day that you knew.
(3) Permission by "law (Ministry of the Environment homepage (outside site)) about preservation of kind of the endangered wild animals and plants" may be necessary depending on type of animal.

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