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The second kind animal handling business

Last update date June 1, 2020

It is necessary to report the second kind animal handling business to perform the second kind animal handling business as the work.
Please report in located ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of breeding facility.

About type of industry of the second kind animal handling business

Type of industry of the second kind animal handling business
Type of industryContents of the workExample of applicable supplier
TransferThe work nonprofit, to perform transfer activitiesNonprofit animal protection groups which perform transfer activities
StorageThe work nonprofit, to keep animalNonprofit animal protection groups which breed animal oo caretaker
RentalThe work nonprofit, to rent animalGroups which rent guide dogs
TrainingThe work that nonprofit keep animal and trainGroups which train guide dogs
DisplayThe work (including contact) nonprofit, to show animalNonprofit park display

Target animal: Mammals, birds, reptiles (except laboratory animal, stock raising animal)

Checkpoint whether or not we correspond to the second kind animal handling business

There is 1 breeding facility (※ 1)
There not being 2 profit characteristics
Handling number of 3 uniformity or more animals (※ 2)

 ※1 breeding facility
   Oh, with others, cage when we are considered to be "part to offer for one of a person's residence and facility which we can sort" and establish exclusive building, room
     We include thing sorting.
   It is said i, "we remove facility which we receive trust temporarily and breed and keep", and, for example, members such as animal protection groups are each home
     Cases to perform custody at one time do not correspond to breeding facility.
   When facility with registration of the cormorant first-class animal handling business performs the first-class animal handling business and the work of the same classification as the second kind animal handling business,
     We do not need report.

 ※Type and the number of 2 main animals
    Total number of large animal and specific animals = three or more
    Total number of mesofaunae = ten or more
    Total number of microfaunae = 50 or more

Type of main animal
ClassificationMain target animal
MammalsLarge sizeSpecific animals such as cow, deer, horse, donkey, wild boar, pork, goat
Medium sizeDog, cat, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit
Small sizeMouse, squirrel
BirdsLarge sizeSpecific animals such as ostrich, crane, peacock, flamingo, large Raptores
Medium sizeDuck, chicken, goose, pheasant
Small sizePigeon, parakeet, mandarin duck
ReptilesLarge sizeSpecific animal
Medium sizeSnake (about 1m in total length or more), iguana, sea turtle
Small sizeSnake (less than about 1m in total length), gecko

When it deals with plural types, it is large size, medium size, each small standard or less and adds up and corresponds to the second kind animal handling business if standard of smaller or more.
Example: + medium size + small size = 50 large large + medium size = ten or more or more

The observance matter of the second kind animal handling supplier

We establish facilities necessary for breeding facility to secure appropriate breeding of animal to breed, and prevention of escape, prevention such as security, the noise of clean breeding environment are required.
In addition, the second kind animal handling supplier who performed transfer such as dog and cat from June 1, 2020 was obliged to carry out equipment (five years preservation) of account book about animal.
For details, please confirm Ministry of the Environment homepage (the outside site).

Application place

Located ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of breeding facility becomes window.
We do not perform acceptance by mail.

Report fee

It does not cost fee.

Report procedure

Report every type of industry is necessary.
[required documents]
1 The second kind animal handling business registration form (4 of the style eleventh) (PDF: 242KB)
  By two of them are necessary for each type of industry.
  One of them returns receptionist mark after the seal. Please fill out in reference to application back side "remarks".
  "Rental" "to hand over" is necessary for method (4 separate paragraphs of the style eleventh) (PDF: 184KB) of conduct of the second kind animal handling business.

Including 2 entry certificates (in the case of corporation), driver's license, health insurance card, resident certificate (in the case of individual)

Sketch of 3 breeding facility neighborhood

Ground plan (placement specification such as facilities of following (1) - (14)) of 4 breeding facilities
  ※When we apply for registration of plural types of industry at the same time, we make application for each type of industry.
   In addition, about common attached documents (2-4 mentioned above), please submit copy.
(1) Cages (facilities such as cage, basket, water tank to use for breeding of animal or storage)
(2) Lighting setup (except breeding facility where business hours are only the daytime, and the facilities concerned are unnecessary)
(3) Waterworks
(4) Drainage
(5) Wash plant (cleaning tanks to wash breeding facility, facilities, animal)
(6) Disinfection equipment (disinfector mist devices to sterilize breeding facility, facilities)
(7) Accumulation facilities of refuse such as filth, residual substance
(8) Temporary storage area of the body of animal
(9) Storage facility of bait
(10) Cleaning facilities
(11) Air conditioner (except outdoor facility)
(12) Facilities such as shading
(13) Training ground (thing performing training business in the breeding facility is best)
(14) Thermometer

Monitoring of the animal handling business

We may carry out monitoring of the second kind animal handling business.
We perform confirmation such as the observance matters at the time of entrance.


Ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division which is located of breeding facility
Yokohama-shi animal protection center (045-471-2111)

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