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Main person beast common infectious disease

Last update date December 21, 2018

Main person beast common infectious disease

For main person beast common infectious disease needing attention in our country, there is thing which showed to table.
We move to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare site, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases site or Yokohama-shi public health center site when we click the name of disease.

Main person beast common infectious disease
The name of disease Main animal which is related Main symptom of animal Main infection course A person's main symptom
Rabies (the outside site) Dog/cat, others Frenzied uproar or the paralysis falls into a coma and dies Bite When we become sick, neurologic symptom, coma die
Psittacosis (the outside site) Dog/cat, others Diarrhea, cheerful disappearance Inhalation of pathogen taking a shit Symptom similar to a cold
Leptospirosis (the outside site) Dog, others Nephritis It touches urine Fever, liver and kidney disorder
kapunosaitofaga kanimorusasu infectious disease (the outside site) Dog/cat Most are asymptomatic Scratch at bite; wound When is rarely aggravated, sepsis, meningitis
Corynebacterium uruseransu infectious disease (the outside site) Dog/cat, others Sneezing, mucus, eye mucus, suppuration of skin Contact, spray with infection animal Symptom, abscess similar to a cold
Salmonellosis (the outside site) Dog/cat, small bird, others Most are asymptomatic Pathogen taking a shit enters mouth (food) Gastroenteritis
Q fever (the outside site) Dog/cat, others Most are asymptomatic Inhalation of pathogen in urine, feces, the placenta Symptom such as influenza
Echinococcosis (the outside site) Dog, others Most are asymptomatic Pathogen taking a shit enters mouth Hepatomegaly, abdominal pain, hepatic dysfunction
Highly pathogenic avian influenza Small bird, others The sudden death, cheerful disappearance, diarrhea Pathogen taking a shit enters mouth Fever, a cough, pneumonia
Severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome (SFTS) (the outside site) Dog/cat, others Fever, appetite disappearance We are bitten by ixodid holding virus When fever, digestive organ symptom are aggravated, he dies

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As for the wanting to know more detailed information about person beast common infectious disease, please see homepage of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Do you know infectious disease derived from animal? (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (the outside site)

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