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Precaution when people contact with animal

Last update date March 16, 2019

Is appropriate; if keep, and work as person, it is not necessary to worry about infectious disease common throughout person beast excessively, but is next just to make sure, and please warn.

Let's wash our hands by all means if we touch animal

After having treated the back where we touched in animals or feces of animal, let's wash hand with soap well immediately.

Let's refrain from excessive contact with animal

As pathogen may be on the inside and nail of mouth of animal, we feed mouth to mouth and feed, and let's stop common use of spoon and chopsticks.

When we raise bird in the room, let's keep ventilation in mind

The room becomes easy to be full of feather or dry excrement, Chile or dust.
Other than cage and indoor brisk cleaning, let's try for ventilation regularly.

When state of animal is funny, we will let animal hospital have a medical examination immediately

Let's always check whether animal keeping does not have usually different states.
When we found abnormality in animal, let's talk with veterinarian early.
In addition, it is very effective for disease prevention to make physical checkup of animal regularly.

Let's consult medical institution immediately if we feel that something is wrong with own body

In the case of consultation, let's tell doctor about contact careers with the breeding situation and animal of pet.

Let's avoid breeding at home of wild animal and contact in the outdoors

We do not know what kind of pathogen wild animal holds. You must not touch wild animal without any reason.
In addition, as a general rule, from the viewpoint of wild animal protection, you must not raise wild animal either.

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