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Please look for as soon as possible

Last update date March 7, 2019

Lost pet may be protected variously in place.
Let's ask the next organizations as soon as possible.

  • When live; of the neighborhoodHealth and Welfare Center of ward
  • Yokohama-shi animal protection center (045-471-2111)
  • The nearest police department
  • Animal Hospital in neighborhood

Related organizations of the suburbs

We will ask repeatedly around once in 2-3 days until pet returns to house.
In addition, let's look for the outskirts of home by yourself. You put flyer on local bulletin board and borrow power of neighborhood after having got permission such as Neighborhood Associations, and please look for as much as possible.

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Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security department animal protection center

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Fax: 045-471-2133

E-Mail address [email protected]

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