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About appropriate breeding guidelines on Yokohama-shi cat

Last update date December 20, 2018

We made "appropriate breeding guidelines on Yokohama-shi cat"

In Yokohama-shi that is house crowd place of urban area for damage and garbage fishing of feces and urine due to cat yasoto cat without owner, increase of cat without owner in area may get into trouble. In addition, it becomes problem that irresponsible owner leaves domestic cat for reasons of the moving.
At first, it is important that owner carries out indoor breeding thoroughly about domestic cat to solve these troubles. In addition, it makes that it is crime known to everyone to throw away domestic cat, and it is necessary to carry out prevention of abandoned cat thoroughly.
About cat without owner, we arrest as local environmental problem and aim at solution to the problem. There are understanding of local resident and method that by obtaining consent, and performing "local cat activity", connect with solution of problem while preventing increase of population of cat by TNR.
Based on "law about protection of animal and management" and "appropriate breeding guidelines on dog and cat in house crowd place" (Ministry of the Environment making), we made "appropriate breeding guidelines on Yokohama-shi cat" (PDF: 707KB) to be able to make use in solution and prevention of problem due to cat yasoto cat without owner in Yokohama-shi.

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