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To owner of dog

Last update date March 6, 2020

Registration and rabies vaccination of dog

Please refer to page of registration of dog and procedure for rabies vaccination.
Owner of dog is required to perform one registration and annual rabies vaccination throughout the life by law.
We can receive rabies vaccination at animal hospital.

About business trip to (rabies vaccination) venues such as registration of dog

Registration of dog establishes (rabies vaccination) business trip venue in April and performs registration and rabies vaccination of dog every year.
Toward the registered owner, I send sealed letter of news in the middle of March.
Please refer to Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of house ino ward for owner who has not been registered yet.
In addition, it has been injected with fee 3,000 yen, and, on registration, vote grant fee 550 yen is needed.
We are required to have been injected into registration, dog which we injected into with dog's license tag, and to put vote.

Please do owner clear statement

Please attach "dog dog's license tag" to hand when dog registered and "rabies vaccination finished vote" to collars by all means.
When important dog has escaped, we cannot contact if owner is not stated clearly even if dog is protected.
If collar has dog dog's license tag, rabies vaccination finished vote and child's identification card, we can inform owner.
In addition, microchip for owner to be identified can identify owner if there are any leaders (machine reading number of microchip) to bury in the body even if collar falls out by any chance.
At the time of great disaster of emergency, pet is more likely to be found by doing owner clear statement.

The advice of sterility castration operation

Dog meets sexual excitement in about ten months after birth, and childbirth is enabled.
Without plan letting you give birth, let's operate for sterility castration to reduce taking care of of puppy which there is too many and was not able to keep.

Let's follow manner

Irresponsible action of some owners troubles other dogs and owners.
We are careful about environment of neighborhood enough, and let's make life with dog delightful.

About feces, urine at the time of walk

There is not originally dog walking for the purpose of excretion with thing for exercise.
Let's bring tool clearing up feces to train excretion before walk to pet dog, and to take to go by all means if we do feces in road and park.
In addition, please do consideration such as not letting other your entrance or wall do pee.

Lifeline that bellrope (lead) links dog to owner

You soak bellrope by all means in walk or park, and please never do pasturage.
In addition, we do not lengthen bellrope for a long time, and let's do to length that can control dog.

Without forgetting consideration to neighborhood

We are worried about cry, hair, smell of dog to person except owner.
Hair which continued barking at in out average or visitor, and brushed in the Blowin' in the Wind neighbor…nadotoittakotohaarimasenka.
We have a duty to manage owner not to trouble people for cry or smell due to animal.
We train properly and clean diligently, and let's consider toward the neighborhood.

If dog bites people (chew) and closes

When house dog bit people, please send to Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of ward to live by the next day of day when we knew the fact.
In addition, you let veterinarian check-up the dog within two days and must receive evaluation that rabies does not require.

Procedure (when dog which we registered moved into in the city or when transferred in the suburbs) at the time of moving

(1) When we moved into in the city
   With dog's license tag of the former location, please can touch living ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division.
   We replace with dog's license tag of Yokohama-shi free of charge. When you do not have dog's license tag, it becomes re-grant (fee 1,600 yen).
(2) When we are transferred in the suburbs
   Procedure in Yokohama-shi is not necessary.
   With dog's license tag of Yokohama-shi, please tell jurisdiction section of the house ino municipalities newly.

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