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Registration of dog and procedure for rabies vaccination

Last update date April 2, 2020

With rabies

 Rabies infects people by being bitten by animals such as dog, cat, fox, bat infecting rabies virus. When virus is transmitted, after the two weeks or more incubation period, it presents nerve symptoms such as convulsions, frenzied uproar, the paralysis, coma, and about 100% die when it develops once.
As there is not cure, you inoculate vaccine during the incubation period if bitten by animal of rabies and must prevent the onset.
 Rabies is not occurring now in Japan, but it occurs in overseas many countries including Asia, and people 40,000-50,000 a year or more all over the world lose their life. Even if rabies invades Japan whenever at the present when interchange with foreign countries is prosperous, it is not mysterious.
 Preventive injection is essential to prevent outbreak of rabies. When dog bit people, reach ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division living by the next day on day when we knew the fact and must receive evaluation that lets veterinarian check-up the dog for less than two days, and does not suffer from rabies.

Please refer to homepage (the outside site) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the details about rabies.

Registration of dog and procedure for rabies vaccination

It is animal Hospital in city that received trust of Yokohama-shi, but can file for registration and rabies vaccination of dog.

Registration of dog

(1) Person who has begun to keep dog in Yokohama-shi does registration application, and please receive grant of dog dog's license tag.
   Please attach dog dog's license tag to collars of dog by all means.
(2) Registration (dog dog's license tag grant) fee of dog is 3,000 yen.

Rabies vaccination

Registration of animal hospital or dog lets rabies vaccination be popular in business trip venue to dog which you registered once a year, and please receive grant of rabies vaccination finished vote.
To owner of dog registering, we send "announcement of rabies vaccination" (sealed letter) every year in around the middle of March.
When you receive rabies vaccination, take without separating three "rabies vaccination finished vote grant applications" which there is in sealed letter.
Please attach rabies vaccination finished vote to collars of dog by all means.
Rabies vaccination finished vote grant fee is 550 yen.
Injection rates are different for each animal hospital (in the case of meeting injection venue, it is 3,100 yen).

(1) Each ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division
   When you receive grant of rabies vaccination finished vote, please bring certificate (identification of rabies vaccination finished) which animal hospital issued.
(2) Animal Hospital in Yokohama-shi which received trust
   Grant procedure for rabies vaccination and rabies vaccination finished vote is possible at the same time.
   Dog of non-registration can do registration at the same time, too.
   List of animal Hospital in Yokohama-shi which can receive grant of dog's license tag, rabies vaccination finished vote of dog (PDF: 215KB)

(3) Registration of dog business trip venue (rabies vaccination meeting injection venue)
   We install venue in each ward every year in April. [registration of dog (rabies vaccination) business trip venue itinerary]

About substitution application of procedure for antirabic relations

At animal hospital with notice of (PDF: 296KB) "changing procedure for antirabic relations to owner", I take fee that is necessary for application other than registration application or rabies vaccination finished vote grant application of dog in place of owners and perform procedure to pay in Yokohama-shi.
If you like, please report to animal hospital of capital.

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