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About (rabies vaccination) such as registration of 2020 dog

Last update date June 1, 2020

Notice About (rabies vaccination) such as registration of 2020 dog

 As for the registration of dog which we planned in each ward in 2020, business trip venue canceled holding from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread of this new coronavirus infectious disease.
 Therefore, it takes and, about conduct of rabies vaccination of 2020, would appreciate your inoculating rabies vaccination in reckoning and animal Hospital in neighborhood.
 In addition, about injection rate or office hours, please ask each animal hospital. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About procedure after inoculation at animal hospital

□ When it is injected in animal Hospital in Yokohama-shi which received trust
Grant procedure for rabies vaccination and rabies vaccination finished vote is possible at the same time. Please confirm link about list and necessary/required procedures of trust animal hospital as follows. 
About registration of dog and procedure for rabies vaccination

□ When it is injected in animal Hospital in Yokohama-shi which does not receive trust
As "identification of rabies vaccination finished" (certificate of paper) is issued by veterinarian, please go through the procedure at window of house ino Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division. (it has been injected vote grant fee 550 yen)

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