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Transfer animal information << dog, other animals >>

Notice To where transfer from animal protection center is hoped for: For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we are carrying out transfer interview now while taking measures. For more details, please refer on the telephone.

Last update date June 23, 2020

Person looking at this page, please read page to "animal that transfer is hoped" for by all means.
At the time of inquiry, please note that published animal may have been already transferred.
As there may be animal during publication preparations as well as animal which we published in this page, please refer for the details.

Reference: Animal protection center (Phone: 045-471-2111, FAX: 045-471-2133)

Transfer animal information << dog >>

Dog ② (old dog) for transfer

It was transferred 139-!


Photograph of dog Photograph of dog

AgeEstimated 12 years old
The weight

About 22.1 kg


Body is large, but may not pull during walk. It is calm, gentle grandfather dog.

Dog ① (old dog) for transfer
NumberIt was transferred 140-!


Photograph of dog Photograph of dog

TypeMiniature dachshund
AgeEstimated 17 years old
The weight

About 4.0 kg


We may not bark in loud voice. Unfussy and gentle.

In the case of old dog, going to hospital and care may be necessary in the near future in comparison with puppy, adult dog.
About breeding, more careful consideration including change on health side and physical strength side is necessary.
Our center recruits owners who can nurse till the last, breeding experience of animal
We transfer living environment after consideration and have a talk.
Please inquire for individual detailed character or health condition over telephones.

※Dog for transfer principle,

  1. Sterility castration operation
  2. Microchip wearing
  3. Rabies vaccination inoculation
  4. Mixed vaccine inoculation

This has been carried out.

Transfer animal information << other animals >>

Chicken for transfer
NumberIt was transferred 01-!

Photograph of chicken

CommentIt is friendly and rides hand.

Inquiry to this page

Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security department animal protection center

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Telephone: 045-471-2111

Fax: 045-471-2133

E-Mail address [email protected]

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