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[procedure of application] Sterility castration operation promotion business of cat

Last update date July 29, 2020

[important news] ⼀ part deferred ⻑ does application period of skill in sterile castration ⼿ promotion business of Yokohama-shi cat in 2020

For new coronavirus kansenkaku ⼤ ⽌-proof, deferred ⻑ does application reception desk period of the first half as follows in this year of skill in sterile castration ⼿ application business of cat.
We would appreciate your consideration by visit to an office to window ⼝ after the situation of kansenkaku ⼤ was settled down.
・Target period
Sterile castration ⼿ operation that we carried out in 9⽉30⽇ (⽔) from 3⽉1⽇ (⽇) in 2020
・Application reception desk period
It is deferred ⻑ by 10⽉12⽇ (⽉) in 2020
※ Application reception desk start ⽇ is 5⽉7⽇ (⽊) in 2020.
Flyer: ⼀ part deferred ⻑ does application period of skill in sterile castration ⼿ promotion business of Yokohama-shi cat in 2020 (PDF: 226KB)

Procedure of application

For details, please refer to sterility castration operation promotion business flyer of cat.
Choice of 1 animal hospital
  Please choose animal Hospital carrying out operation among "sterile castration operation promotion business registration animal Hospital list (PDF: 146KB) of cat".
  You reserve operation on the telephone by all means beforehand, and tell about applying for subsidy of Yokohama-shi on this occasion.
2 application documents
(1) Other than windows of each ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division, we can download from the following.
(2) After carrying out sterile castration operation and ear cut at registration animal hospital, and operating; "sterility castration operation conduct certificate" and "receipt" of animal Hospital mention finished
 We get.
  We fill in individual No. of cat on "sterility castration operation conduct certificate", and receipt, please prepare one copy.
  In addition, at the time of castration operation conduct sterile with thing which "sterility castration operation conduct certificate" filled in applicant entry on beforehand in registration animal Hospital
Please submit.
(3) Please take color photo which ear cut can identify as characteristic of postoperative target cat (applicant, please offer camera).
  When postoperative photography is difficult, please consult with animal hospital.
3 application methods 
  With application documents, please apply to window of ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division or Yokohama-shi animal protection center.
  Please keep copy of application carefully until subsidy is transferred.
  In addition, we can apply for proxy/agent (proxy is necessary).
  By mail, FAX, E-mail cannot apply.
Grant (non-grant) determination of 4 subsidies 
  We mail subsidy grant decision notification (or supporting gold non-grant decision notification) to applicant from Yokohama-shi animal protection center.
  (after applying 2-3 months degree)
  We pay subsidy to account of applicant in the next around one month (it takes degree from application to payment for 3-4 months).
  ※At time when New Year holidays and application center, it may take time before payment.

Documents, belonging necessary for application

Three 1 application (one original, copy two).
  Please seal all in vermilion mark.
2 application amount of money itemized statements (one)
  In the case of application, it is necessary more than two of them.
3 proxy
  In the case of proxy/agent application, it is necessary.
Operation conduct certificate (the original) of 4 registration animal hospitals issuance
  Please make documents in the next procedure.
(1) We obtain operation conduct certificate style and fill in Address, full name, Phone number of applicant, hair color, pattern of target cat, capture place.
(2) We submit to animal hospital at the time of operation.
(3) After the operation, we have you issue as certificate of animal hospital mention finished.
(4) We fill in individual No. of cat to become consecutive numbers in all cats to apply for at the same time.
Receipt (the original and one copy) of 5 registration animal hospitals issuance
  There is mention (issue date, operation conduct day, sex of cat, operation amount of money every one, animal hospital name, the location of animal hospital) of required items.
  Please confirm that address is full name of applicant, and there is not error at the time of receipt of receipts by all means.
Color photo of cat targeted for 6
  Please prepare thing of 8.9*12.7cm) size that is for L (8.9*12.7cm) one piece or more.
  What characteristic of the whole head, the whole individual which cut postoperative ear including hair color, handle of face and body can confirm.
7 identity verification documents (the original)
  Thing of published by public institution with mention of the present address.
  In the case of proxy/agent application, identity verification documents (the original) of identity verification documents (the original or copy) and proxy/agent of applicant is necessary.
  ※Even if proxy/agent is not Yokohama citizen, it is possible
8 vermilion mark
  When we correct documents, it is necessary (as for penetration mark, the rubber stamps such as killer whale groupers, impossible).

Downloading of flyer, application

Person who is applied for in individuals

Person who is applied for in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations

Sterile castration operation promotion business registration animal Hospital of cat

Contact information

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