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About pet measures at the time of disaster

Last update date July 22, 2020

Pet measures at the time of disaster

We summarize in guidelines "pet measures at the time of disaster" about pet measures in May, 2011 at disaster of Yokohama-shi.
"Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" (earthquake disaster measures) revised in 2018, "Yokohama-shi evacuation shelter establishment, administration manual" revised "pet measures at the time of disaster" based on "anti-disaster measures guidelines on people and pet" (the outside site) (Ministry of the Environment) in 2019.
Please utilize as guideline to have you push forward the preparation and approach in normal so that we have local all of you including person that people, evacuation shelter keeping pet are run understand "pet company evacuation" widely, and there is not thing that confusion in place of refuge occurs at the time of disaster occurrence.
In addition, please refer as detailed information is placed in Ministry of the Environment homepage (the outside site).

Company evacuation guidelines ... (PDF: 2,140KB) with pet measures - pet at the time of disaster

Material for meetings of evacuation shelter administration committee member and owner

We ask for making of breeding rule of thing and pet setting breeding place at one time of pet as the preparation in normal to have hatsuwazawaiji run evacuation shelter smoothly in Yokohama-shi.
We had cooperation on each base that pushed forward approach for pet company refugee acceptance in the city and made past activity example as summary, "temporary breeding place setting casebook of disaster pet" and "temporary breeding place establishment administration manual (plan) of pet". To the local real condition, please inflect.

1 Temporary breeding place setting casebook (PDF: 2,645KB) of disaster pet
  We seem to serve as a reference on deciding breeding place in the evacuation shelter at one time,
  We publish example of evacuation shelter which has already decided setting place.

Temporary breeding place establishment administration manual (plan) of 2 pets (PDF: 335KB) (word version) (word: 75KB)
  We open temporary breeding place of pet and are an example of manual to run.
  You make addition and exclusion and make modifications, and please inflect for manual preparation that matched the local fact.


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