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Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center notice (application procedure) of window

Last update date January 13, 2021

About Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center window

・As for the procedure for passport application, grant of person living in Yokohama-shi, it is in "Centerminami passport center" or "Sangyo Boeki Cebter Bldg. the second floor of Kanagawa passport center court noble (Yokohama-shi passport center) ※ Naka Ward of the building".

Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center
That we can apply for

Person who is doing resident registration in Yokohama-shi
※Application of person living in the municipalities except Yokohama-shi is not possible. According to until now, please use Kanagawa passport center. In addition, people who correspond to relations such as urgent case or penalty in Kanagawa passport center court noble (Yokohama), Kawasaki branch, prefecture center branch (Atsugi) is filed.
※If they live in Yokohama-shi, and even people such as student without resident registration or long-term business trip meet constant condition, we may apply. As we confirm circumstances living in Yokohama-shi, applicant come to window. Please inquire for procedure methods beforehand.

The location and traffic

〒224-0032 1-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
The neighborhood of Exit 7 in municipal subway Center-Minami Station building on the first floor (next to the depths of ※ Tully's Coffee.)
※Wicket of Center-Minami Station is the third floor. Please be careful.
※As there is not exclusive parking lot, bicycle parking lots in passport center, please use public transport.

Open time
(procedure Reception hours)

・From 9:00 of Monday through Friday to 16:45
・Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 9:00 to 16:45
・Tuesday, Wednesday from 9:00 to 18:30
・Saturday Sunday/Holiday holiday, New Year holidays (regardless of day from December 29 to January 3)
※We accept only receiving on Sunday. But when Sunday falls on holiday, we accept, but are closure on year-end and New Year Sunday.

The days to receipt

Receipt application day as the first day after the eighth day. () does not include in the days on Saturday from year-end and New Year (December 29 to January 3 on holiday on Sundays and holidays on Sunday.)
※Receipt of the enlargement application that limit because of passport one once when there is little page of visa column of passport or use all up, and can apply for application day as the first day after the fourth day. () does not include in the days on Saturday from year-end and New Year (December 29 to January 3 on holiday on Sundays and holidays on Sunday.)
※The days to take before receiving are different from passport center of the prefecture.
※It is necessary to come to receiving the applicant (passport holder of a title deed) person by all means.
※As for the person who applied in Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center, receipt place becomes Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center, too.

   2020 grant schedule (PDF: 98KB)

Inquiry about passport

・If there is consultation about procedure for passport, please refer to Kanagawa passport center telephone guidance center.
   Telephone guidance center Phone number: 045-222-0022
・Please take the next homepage into account about application procedure including necessary documents in detail.
   Application procedure for passport guide (Kanagawa) (the outside site)
   Common question (Kanagawa) about passport (the outside site)
※Application of passport is put in ward office, service counter in the city hall in Yokohama-shi. (limited in Hours)

About fee

・About fee, please take the next homepage into account.
   About fee (Kanagawa) (the outside site)
※About revenue stamp having you offer as fee in the case of passport receipt and Kanagawa income certificate stamp, please make preparations beforehand.

Inquiry about facility

Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center Phone number: 045-507-4414



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Yokohama-shi Centerminami passport center

Telephone: 045-507-4414

Telephone: 045-507-4414

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