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About instructions about new coronavirus in apartment

Last update date December 1, 2020

We publish in consultation with instructions about new coronavirus in apartment.
As there is thing having difficult correspondence by the system of normal administrative task, it is expected from matter about the following that we do talks beforehand what kind of correspondence is produced as Residential Association again with management company.
※When new information will appear by notices of country in future, we update at any time.

As we gathered up in consultation with instructions about new coronavirus in apartment, please give me live ⽤.
About instructions about new coronavirus in apartment (PDF: 381KB)

About correspondence to new coronavirus in apartment

  • Personal information of where infection was confirmed in the city that city public health center grasped announces sex at any time in the generation and announces the number of people every ward by unit in week, but does not announce from the viewpoint of personal information protection about living area or apartment.
  • For slight illness, infected person of no symptom undergoing medical treatment at home, we request that we avoid contact with people with going out near at hand from city public health center.

(reference) Bookmark (the outside site) of home, accommodation medical treatment (Kanagawa HP)

  • When infected person is confirmed, you talk about correspondence with ward Health and Welfare Center as needed, and please act calmly.
  • With or without outbreak of infected person, the particularly following correspondence is important.

<as Residential Association>

  • Ventilation is bad and avoids that we gather in space that people spend gathering thickly in group. (the use of meeting place in a great number of people)
  • We perform brisk sterilization of common use part of facility such as buttons such as elevator or locking automatically, doorknob of doorway. We can use sodium hypochlorite which we diluted as well as ethanol for disinfection about surface disinfection of thing.

(reference) Prophylaxis, antisepsis (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau HP) of new coronavirus infectious disease

<as resident>

  • Each person lived in carries out prophylaxis such as "brisk hand-washing" "cough etiquette" thoroughly.

(reference) New coronavirus infectious disease measures (citizen's all of you) (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau HP)

  • If people get on elevator, see off, and use stairs, between the closed sky such as elevator in particular or inner corridor avoid "is dense".

(reference) Three dense o guides (the outside site) to avoid (the Prime Minister's office HP)

  • In addition, please inform "new coronavirus infectious disease call center" of Yokohama-shi (telephone 045-550-5530) of general question.

About holding such as general meetings of Residential Association

  • As opinion of the effect that "is enough if we do report that the situation will call meeting within this year when the situation that cannot hold meeting in Partitionary Property Act within one year from holding of meeting (※ general meeting) in the previous year occurs in conjunction with this new coronavirus infectious disease after it was dissolved, and is necessary" is shown by Ministry of Justice about holding of ordinary session of the Diet of Residential Association, please consider appropriately about holding time.
  • As methods to avoid a large number of visits to venue by the voting right use book or proxy when we hold general meeting are possible, please examine appropriate conduct method that accepted the situation.

(reference) Apartment-management consultation center pays off information about holding or resolution method of ordinary session of the Diet of Residential Association in Q&A format.
Q&A (the outside site) about ordinary session of the Diet holding in new coronavirus infection spread

About apartment administrative task

  • Correspondence such as duties reduction, some cancellation may have their new influenza stolen with emergency declaration official announcement of country with measures special measures law in the management company. In each apartment, please confirm the duties system of management company.
  • About administrative task by trust to management company in each apartment, it is carried out based on Residential Association and trust contract with management company. For example, disinfection may not be included in contract. It is expected what we discuss what kind of correspondence is produced in Residential Association and management company beforehand.

(reference) Condominium Management Companies Association is HP and, about prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, sends.
About prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease (the outside site) (Condominium Management Companies Association HP)

About home disposal procedures affecting new coronavirus infectious disease

  • ⽀ sho such as collection time becoming late might appear for collection of garbage and recyclable garbage taken out by family by quantity of garbage and recyclable garbage provided from home increasing as city ⺠⽣ live ni ⽋ is duty that we cannot lend. You have you refrain from discharge of appearing garbage and recyclable garbage such as ⽚ charge accounts that are not dispatch in particular between our ⾯, and please exhaust only garbage and recyclable garbage which never appear in sending ⽣ live o where ⽇ is the way goes.
  • Let's provide according to classification, collection rule of Yokohama-shi. In addition, we let air of garbage bag, and let's provide because it explodes, and garbage might do ⾶ san.
  • When ⽅ or ⽅ where there is the suspicion infected with infectious diseases such as new coronavirus come to home, you have the following points be careful about mask or tissue which ⿐⽔ attached to, and give as "burnable garbage".

    ○We do not touch garbage such as masks directly
    ○We tie up garbage bag well and seal
    ○After having thrown away garbage, using soap, we wash hand under running water well

※Garbage and recyclable garbage when new coronavirus infectious disease and person whom there is the suspicion come to home seal severely, and give as "burnable garbage". When you have you provide, please perform infection preventive measures by mask, gloves, hand-washing after the disposal.
※Other than that, I would like cooperation for garbage and classification of resources as usual.

(reference) Ministry of the Environment "how to discard garbage such as new coronavirus of home for infectious disease measures" (PDF: 346KB)
(reference) About home disposal procedures affecting new coronavirus infectious disease (City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau HP)

Consideration to human rights

There is the news that discriminatory notes without grounds for infected person of new coronavirus or family spread in SNS. Not to make any leading to human rights violations, please take a calm action.
(reference) About consideration to human rights in conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease (City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau HP)

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