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Toward the citizen

Last update date April 1, 2020

Burnable garbageNon-burnable garbageDry cellSpray can
Small metalCans, bottles, PET bottlesContainers and packaging made of plastic
Recycle paperUsed clothOversized garbage
The body of animalSmall household appliances recyclingInk cartridge

Household appliances recyclingPCGarbage which we cannot collect in city

mikushonariClassification application




Resource recovery base

Getting out garbage support

So-called "garbage mansion" measures

Non-burnable garbageDry cellSpray canContainers and packaging made of plastic
CanBottlePlastic bottleSmall metal
Recycle paperUsed clothOversized garbageDuvet

Collection site

Environmental learning, event

We warn illegal discarded things collection supplier!

Human waste processing


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