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"It is Yokohama 3R dream Facebook! (Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau) operation policy

Last update date March 31, 2020


Account URL

Dispatch contents

We send 3R information and environmental information at any time.

Operation administrator

City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau 3R promotion section manager

Information sender

Staff of City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau 3R promotion section


Company given the cause business of management of city in trust may disseminate information.

Management of comment

About response to posted comment

When need is accepted, about comment posted on our account, we shall reply and do not reply to all comment.
We accept in "the suggestion from citizen" about opinion, suggestion to Yokohama-shi including the authorities.

About non-indication, deletion of comment

Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau 3R promotion section manages our page. Comment that we judged to correspond to comment irrelevant to dispatch information and the following matters displays fault without notice to contributor of comment or, in operation of our page, may delete.

Oh, or we might violate content to violate law, laws and ordinances
It is against i public order and morals
It is aimed for cormorant political religious activity
Oh, we promote criminal act
We let you promote discrimination such as o race, thought, creed or discrimination
We slander mosquito specific individual, company, group and slander or hurt honor or trust
We violate privacy such as identification, disclosure leaking personal information without consent of the ki person
We violate patent right, design right, copyright, trademark, right of likeness of ku Motoichi or third party
It is aimed for ke advertisement, advertising, invitation, business activity, other profit
We pretend to be user, third party of ko et al.
We let you promote sa falsehood or thing which is remarkably different from fact and simple rumor and rumor
Comment of the same contents posted repeatedly by shi equivalence user
Programs that su is harmful to
We include expression that se is obscene
We modify a part of the contents which so book section sends or all
It is thought that it is against Terms of Use on ta Facebook
Links including chi and others, information to admit that Yokohama-shi is inappropriate and these content

About block of account

They offer false personal information against Terms of Use on user who posted applicable comment as above or Facebook or user who judged that we use account of another person without getting permission may block account.

Intellectual property rights

(1) Performing reproduction except accepted act in Copyright Act such as private use or quotation about information sent to in our page without permission in Yokohama-shi
  We cannot do it. When you perform quotation, by appropriate method, please show the source clearly by all means.
(2) If and when copyrights which depended on comment that user posted belonged to the user who posted concerned, but was posted,
  In Yokohama-shi that to be nonexclusive, and user should consent to right to use in contribution contents free of charge in the whole world for Yokohama-shi and wins
  We should agree to face each other, and not to use copyrights.


(1) Of all that we are absolutely sure in accuracy of information to send in our page, but user performs using information sent to in our page
  About act, Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility.
(2) About user and trouble or the damage that we put on between third party that we produced due to information sent to in our page, Yokohama-shi is all
  We do not take responsibility.
(3) About comment for our page posted by user, Yokohama-shi does not take responsibility at all.
(4) In addition, Yokohama-shi does not take responsibility about any damage that we produced in conjunction with our page at all.


We may introduce company or product for the purpose of pushing forward environmental action and 3R action of citizen, company, administration in our page, but Yokohama-shi recommends about contents which introduced or do not guarantee.

Personal information

About collection, the use, management of personal information in our page, we handle based on the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information appropriately as follows and will act for the making of page that you can use to all of you in peace.

(1) Personal information means information that can distinguish individual collected through the use of our page.
(2) When we collect personal information through our page, it should be offer of information by will of user. In collection of personal information
  We identify the use purpose and state clearly. We perform collection of personal information in range necessary to achieve the identified use purpose.
(3) We use personal information that we collected within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. Yokohama-shi including case that we have agreement of the person for personal information
  We use other than the use purpose that we stated clearly unless certain to establish in the regulations about protection of personal information and may not provide.
(4) We managed about personal information that we collected severely and judged when leak, unjust diversion occurred or that it might occur by any chance
  Case supports immediately.

Change of operational policy

About operational policy of our page, we may change without notice beforehand.

About the public end of page

About our page, open without notice beforehand; is finished or may be closed down.

The use start date

April 1, 2020

Inquiry to this page

Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau policy coordination department 3R promotion section

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Telephone: 045-671-3593

Fax: 045-550-3510

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