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Prevention of illegal dumping

Last update date May 10, 2019

If we see illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is serious crime!
"Illegal dumping is carried out in front now." "We are going to do illegal dumping, from now on." "We did illegal dumping and escaped."
At such time, please make emergency call to the police immediately in the police. In addition, please inform Resources Reuse Promotion of the district police station (the outside site) or Kanagawa Police "environmental crimes hot line" (the outside site) or ward office of information such as knowing place with illegal dumping thing.
As we become easy to identify person who abandoned when we will refrain from abandoning place, time, numbers of car, cooperation, please.

E I strike illegal dumping is crime!

Illegal dumping spot illustration

Illustration of police car

[law (outside site) some extracts about handling of refuse and cleaning]
How many Article 16 must not throw away refuse abusively, too.
Person corresponding to one of each issue of Article 25 next sentences to fines imprisonment that is with five years or less of or 10 million yen or less or puts these together and inflicts on.
Person who threw away refuse in violation of regulations of 14 Article 16
When we did prescribed violation that representative of Article 32 corporation or corporation or a person's proxy/agent, servant or other employees raise to each issue of next about the corporation or a person's duties, we punish doer and, by fine punishment to set of each issue concerned for the corporation, inflict fine punishment of each Honjo on for people.
From one Article 25 Paragraph 1 first to No. 4, it is No. 12, No. 14 or No. 15 or Paragraph 2: Fine punishment 300 million yen or less

When we have been dumped in private land illegally

When owner of land, building or manager tries to keep the place clean, and refuse was thrown away, it must process the refuse by own responsibility.
Do not let do illegal dumping; establish wall to save so that people cannot enter abusively, and please keep attention that is usually enough for management of land in mind.

Illegal dumping to the sea

I would like report in Coast Guard (the outside site) or Yokohama Regional Coast Guard Headquarters (TEL: 045-201-4522) if we see marine pollution including illegal dumping of refuse to the sea.

Preventive measures against illegal dumping

We carry out preventive measures depending on the local fact in cooperation with related organizations or inhabitants and perform appropriate disposal of illegal dumping things.

  • We install alarm, signboard for enlightenment in frequent occurrence point
  • Conduct of night monitoring patrol
The prevention of illegal dumping results
Conduct of night monitoring patrolDeferred 600 daysDeferred 220 daysDeferred 60 daysDeferred 60 daysDeferred 60 daysDeferred 40 days
Setting of alarm0 places0 places0 placesOne place0 places0 places
Making of prevention billboard1,575 pieces

58 pieces
(leg nothing)

760 pieces
25 pieces
(leg nothing)

795 pieces

838 pieces
25 pieces
(leg nothing)
Quantity of illegal dumping collection1,455t1,421t1,376t1,326t1,377t1,326t

[prevention of illegal dumping enlightenment signboard]

Prevention of illegal dumping enlightenment signboard

List of ward office Resources Reuse Promotion

Inquiry time: From Monday to Friday/8: 45 - 12:00, 13:00-17:15

List of each ward Resources Reuse Promotion contact information


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Phone number

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