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I would like cooperation for approach of beautification of the town of Yokohama-shi! (Yokohama-shi littering, the No Smoking regulations)

Last update date July 7, 2020

When we pick up garbage littered with

Please be careful about the following points to prevent new coronavirus infectious disease expansion when you pick up falling garbage.

  • We do not touch garbage directly
  • Garbage bag lets air and we tie up well and seal
  • We wash hand under running water using soap after the work well

※Littering (illegal dumping) of garbage is crime. As littering of garbage gives various places or passerby who not only the person is punished, but also live in neighborhood a great trouble, let's never stop.
In addition, for the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, people wearing mask increase. Please throw away according to garbage separation rule without infection to and passerby whom we collected being possible when virus attaches to mask littered with, and never littering as it is very dangerous.
Please confirm "about home disposal procedures affecting new coronavirus infectious disease" about how to put out as household garbage.

The regulations (Yokohama-shi littering, the No Smoking regulations) about prevention of dispersion such as Yokohama-shi empty cans and cigarette butt

We make safe town with cleanliness and, in Yokohama-shi, promote the effective use of resources and, for the purpose of finding comfortable city environment, push forward approach by "the regulations (littering, the No Smoking regulations) about prevention of dispersion such as Yokohama-shi empty cans and cigarette butt".

English, English: Help keep Yokohama beautiful!
Chinese, Simplified Chinese: 请协 joraku 实 side 滨 shigaikubika*hodokoshi!
The Hangul Alphabet, Hangul: 요코하마시의거리미화에관한대처에협력을부탁드립니다.

Whole city littering is prohibited in Yokohama-shi

Littering such as empty can and wastepaper, cigarette butt is prohibited. We may inflict fine 20,000 yen or less when we violate.

Illustration of littering woman

Illustration of littering of cigarette

In addition, we oblige vending machine selling drink to setting of collection container.

Illustration of collection container of vending machine

Beautification promotion emphasis district, vending machine setting report object district
It prevents dispersion such as empty can or cigarette butt, and it appoints need in particular and admitted district in beautification promotion emphasis district to make beautiful town with cleanliness.

Let's stop walking-smoking

It is decided that cigarette while we walk tries not to breathe in whole city. In addition, you must try to have portable ashtray when you smoke outdoors.
In addition, need to prohibit smoking at public place of the outdoors appoints district (the city 8 district) that there is particularly in "No Smoking district" in the beautification promotion emphasis district to prevent burn, burn by fire of cigarette, and to reduce dispersion garbage, and to promote beautification of town.

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