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Examination of kitchen garbage bio gasification

Last update date August 29, 2019

By Yokohama 3R dream plan, we push forward approach mainly on reducing about reduction of kitchen garbage, but kitchen garbage which still remains is included most 30% or more in burnable garbage and examines exploitation of resources about these.

Process of past examination

Past process. Figure of proof experiment, estimate, examination

Estimates such as cost-effectiveness

We assumed case to add biogasification facility to destruction by fire factory and estimated wound energy effect or cost and compared when we installed only destruction by fire factory.
After having sorted out kitchen garbage (we include paper) from burnable garbage which we collected by machine, we let you gasify after various processes. Generated gas picks up energy by generation.
On the other hand, most burnable garbage that it was not sorted machine is incinerated in factory, but take out energy as electricity by waste-generated electricity.

Figure of flow of biogas facility examination

When we establish biogasification facility, and wound energy effect generates electricity with the highest fuel cell with the gas, increase of wound amount of energy of about 1,600kWh/day is anticipated than case not to add bio gasification facility.
This is equivalent to electric energy that about 130 households use.
On the other hand, when we do not establish biogasification facility, we compare total operating cost and become about 10.5 billion yen (in the year about 500 million yen) addition in 20 years.

Future approach

Facility operates, and go ahead through approaches such as investigation about results of city and biogasification technology of maker, intelligence about assistance system of country and investigate feasibility at the time of future destruction by fire factory update.

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