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Kitchen garbage blend project

Last update date June 10, 2020

Kitchen garbage blend project

"The soil mixing method" to let you mix soil and kitchen garbage and break kitchen garbage blend project by microorganism,
It is business to push forward exploitation of resources, reduction of kitchen garbage by technique to disintegrate using organic microorganism, corrugated cardboard compost.
Triggered by this project, let's begin approach of exploitation of resources, reduction of kitchen garbage!

Notice Brochure of kitchen garbage Bullen soil project was completed!
We distribute in each ward office Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office.
In addition, you download from the following link and can utilize.

Kitchen garbage

[cover] (PDF: 2,606KB)
[firstly] (PDF: 6,233KB)
[the basic soil mixing method] (PDF: 12,979KB)
[corrugated cardboard compost] (PDF: 14,539KB)
[point and trouble corner] (PDF: 13,075KB)
[ingredient and the making of crops of soil] (PDF: 5,253KB)
[class/example introduction] (PDF: 9,595KB)
[back cover/contact information] (PDF: 2,888KB)

● Simply: Anyone practices easily just to mix soil with kitchen garbage!
● ECO: It is approach that is kind to environment without using electricity.
● Healing: By touching soil, both child and adult relieve stress?

We will observe state that kitchen garbage disappears using "check sheet"!

Check sheet (the surface)[check sheet (surface)] (PDF: 756KB)

Check sheet (the back side)[check sheet (back side)] (PDF: 742KB)

Please use in class at school or free study of summer vacation.

The soil mixing method

We mix kitchen garbage and soil! It is method to compost kitchen garbage by power of nature without using electricity.
We can begin being planters easily. In addition, we can perform in garden and field.
→【 How to build planters is this! (PDF: 320KB)
The soil mixing method
・We drain water off kitchen garbage, and the resolution advances to (1-2cm) finely if possible when we do.
・Soil to cover with from the top is okay with dry thing! Let's cover to hide a good kitchen garbage.
→【 To want to know in detail is this place! (PDF: 324KB)

Corrugated cardboard compost

We mixed base material (peat moss) and fermentation accelerant (rice bran) in cardboard box and reproduced circulation in the natural world by microorganism.

Corrugated cardboard compost
・We pick up on the drainboards and use to be able to do flow of air from the bottom of the corrugated cardboard.
→【 How to make and how to use corrugated cardboard compost are this! (PDF: 331KB)

Earthworm compost

We raise manure worm and by giving kitchen garbage as bait, is method with kitchen garbage as soil and organic fertilizer.Earthworm compost
・As manure worm is animal, we escape when bait disappears. We feed moderately, and let's raise!

The resolution by organic microorganism

Method to turn kitchen garbage into organic fertilizer using "shading off" which let you ferment by microorganism such as bacteria.
(shading off: rice bran, chaff)
The resolution by organic microorganism

About the compost furtherance business

In Yokohama-shi with composting business start of kitchen garbage,
We finished the furtherance business to kitchen garbage compost and electricity-style kitchen garbage processing machine in March, 2016.
Thank you for your application.

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