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Y-PORT business (refuse connection)

Last update date October 24, 2019

Yokohama-shi works on international technical cooperation (Y-PORT business) by citizen cooperation utilizing resources, technique of Yokohama from January, 2011.
We are performing international technical cooperation in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau as the part now in Vietnam Da Nang City and Philippines metro Cebu.

Vietnam Da Nang City

Classification promotion business in Da Nang City is adopted for JICA grass roots technology cooperation business and, in August, 2016, shares know-how, Da Nang city officials' experience by this country training about classification, recycling duties for the people concerned and expert dispatch to the field. In addition, this business pushes forward business while having the city company cooperate as approach of citizen cooperation.

Business name

Classification promotion experimental project "horizontal development of Yokohama G30/3R dream" (slim) of refuse of home origin

Implementation period

It is March, 2020 from March, 2017


Stringency of landfill by quantities of outbreak of garbage in Da Nang City having increased with economic development

Result to aim at

  1. Development of action plan for 3R (three are) promotion in model district
  2. Improvement of public awareness affecting garbage collection by category
  3. The making of base for introduction of recycling, waste management system

Philippines metro Cebu

We sort abolished plastic, and the city company crushes after joint field work or spread, proof business with Motoichi of JICA and develops recycling business to produce alternative fuel of coal locally. The company arranged new abolished plastic recycling factory in cause, May, 2017 of support of Ministry of the Environment. We push forward support while making use of experience of the company for refuse problems such as stringency of landfill sequentially.

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