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How to put out PCs (about the handling of PC of home origin)

Last update date August 19, 2019

PC (the body, display) which became disused is obliged to carry out voluntary recall, recycling by manufacturer by resources utilization promotion law (the outside site) at home,
Manufacturer collects PC (the body, display) having PC recycling mark free.

PC which there is not person of collection duty including one's own PC and PC of overseas manufacturer which has withdrawn from Japan becomes a target of recycling,
Association of PC 3R promotion collects.

In addition, small Home Appliance Recycling Act (the outside site) was enforced in 2013 and we collected PC as small household appliances recycling in Yokohama-shi from May 1, 2016 and started.

In addition, even small household appliances recycling authorization company (private enterprise) collects PC.

PC collection
Discharge methodNotebook
Collection by manufacturerWhen you know manufacturer, apply for manufacturer (the outside site) directly.
※Thing sold before October, 2003 without PC recycling mark is charged.

PC recycling mark

Free of charge
Free of charge
Free of charge
Association of PC 3R promotion
Collection to depend on this
In the overseas manufacturers which have withdrawn from one's own PC and Japan when we did not know manufacturer or,
When person of collection duty does not exist, apply for association of PC 3R promotion (the outside site) (TEL03-5282-7685) directly.
Collection by Yokohama-shiPlease put into small household appliances collection BOX. List of small household appliances collection bases

※PC less than 30cm in length to enter slit (30cm *15cm) of collection box and display apply.

Free of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Small household appliances recycling
Collection by authorized company
To directly authorized company (private enterprise)
Delivery to home collectionLynette Japan (the outside site) (TEL 0570-085-800)
Delivery to home supplier hears from collection in home.
※Display is free only when we propose with PC and set.
Free of chargeFree of chargePay
Store collectionEDION (the outside site)
((EDION mosaic mall Kohoku store TEL 045-914-5811)
(EDION Yokohama store TEL 045-261-2111)
(EDION Aobadai Tokyu square shop TEL 045-988-1400)
Free of chargeFree of chargePay
Store collectionK's Denki (the outside site)
(Tama-Plaza store TEL 045-905-5970)
(Yokohama Tsurumi shop TEL 045-583-2511)
(Hoshikawa shop TEL 045-340-0620)
Free of chargeFree of chargePay
Store collection

Yodobashi Camera (the outside site)
(multimedia Yokohama TEL 045-313-1010)
(multimedia Keikyu Kamiooka TEL 045-845-1010)

Free of chargeFree of chargePay

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