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Garbage which we cannot collect in city

Last update date April 4, 2019

Temporary large quantity

Temporary a large quantity of garbage

As you are to have, as a general rule, you process garbage appearing by moving abundantly at a time by yourself, you bring in by yourself in processing facility of city, or please ask for processing to supplier who received permission of wastes collection transportation. (as for the processing, paid)

Air-conditioner TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer, PC

We do not collect for oversized garbage.

Thing which has difficulty in processing

Please talk about disposal of battery, propane gas cylinder, kerosene, gasoline, paint, medicine, pesticides, tire, small charge-type battery, pianos with the purchase or store, manufacturer.

When we do not recognize reference when we cannot cope at the purchase or store, please consult with Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of ward to live.


We do not collect for oversized garbage. Please refer to how to put out of "motorcycle" not to collect in city.

Fire extinguisher

We do not collect in Yokohama-shi. Japan fire extinguisher industry society cooperates with local sales agents.
Please refer to disposal method nitsuiteo of fire extinguisher.

We include asbestos

Confirmation method
Consultation counter of each manufacturer
Homepage (the outside site) of Ministry of the Environment
Disposal method
Please inquire whether you inquire in each manufacturer in Yokohama-shi wastes permission business cooperative (TEL662-2563).

Garbage which appears including contract construction

Garbage which asked supplier including tatami mat, block, fence, structure and instrumentation which we changed for construction, please ask for processing to supplier who undertook construction.

We are exhausted with operation

Please process whether you bring into processing facility by yourself by oneself for asking to permission supplier who can handle refuse. (as for the processing, paid)
For more details, please refer to business activities waste. (classification, discharge rule of business activities waste is different from rule of household garbage.)

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