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Oversized garbage

Paid, among things taken out by family, the longest side collects things 30 centimeters or more, things that it is 50 centimeters or more in other than that (plastic products, wooden goods) by prior application with metal product. [reference] there is garbage which cannot gather in city which is large-size waste disposal fee table. 「Discharge method of garbage which we cannot collect in city

Last update date June 29, 2020

Oversized garbage reduction of taxes seal turns into poster

Toward the reduction of taxes object, we sent reduction of taxes seal from Motoichi, but decide to cope with poster for receptionist more on July 1 until now. For details, please confirm in page of "person whom you wish to exempt of coarse waste disposal fee".

To person who had you apply for oversized garbage

Cancellation without permission increases.
When we are canceled, we would appreciate your performing procedure for application cancellation by all means.

About correspondence accompanied with new coronavirus infectious disease expansion

With new coronavirus infectious disease expansion, we cope after the emergency declaration cancellation as follows sequentially.
I apologize to citizen's all of you for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your cooperation.

About acceptance restrictions of oversized garbage in self-import facility

Because carry-ons to oversized garbage self import facility largely increase, and trouble to nearby traffic condition occurs, we set the upper limit to the acceptance number in each facility per day for the time being.
In addition, oversized garbage self import yard cannot enter inside before 9:00. As it might lead to traffic jam of nearby road, we would appreciate your coming by all means after 9:00.
In addition, application to Oversized Garbage Reception Center is necessary for carry-on to self-import facility beforehand. When there is not application, please note that carry-on is not possible.
※When we have you bring in to reduce contact opportunity with ⼈ and ⼈, we would appreciate your arriving by the minimum number of people.
※Discharge in facility would appreciate your going by yourself.

About shortening of Reception hours of Konan stockyard

For the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease expansion, we will change Reception hours of Konan stockyard for the time being by 16:00 (usually until 21:00).
※It becomes similar about carry-on of recyclable garbage to Konan resource recovery center.

In LINE inquiry can apply!

We started inquiry, application for oversized garbage in Yokohama-shi LINE official account!
Input item is omitted, and application after the second in LINE becomes very convenient service.
In addition, you can use confirmation of the fee and shortest collection day, garbage separation information for oversized garbage.
We can talk with operator directly if we may not understand. Friend registers, and please inflect!

※When reduction of taxes system is used, even in the case of application from LINE, it becomes procedure with the Internet reception desk form.
※The use of service needs agreement to "Yokohama-shi LINE official account Terms of Use" before the use of this account. We consider that we had you agree to Terms of Use with the use start of service. In addition, about "Yokohama-shi LINE official account operation policy" which you set about the handling of personal information, please confirm before the use by all means.

Friend registration method

From smartphone

Friend addition

Search by ID


From QR code

QR code

How to dump a large-sized waste

We perform collection of oversized garbage by collection to home neighborhood or carry-on to self-import yard of four city in prior application system.
Please confirm procedure and application in the following.

If you would like to collect; this

If you would like to carry in by oneself; this

Using reduction of taxes is this place

Instructions affecting application are this

Common question is this

Application for oversized garbage and inquiry to Oversized Garbage Reception Center

LINE, chat, application on the Internet

Application for oversized garbage accepts even LINE, chat, the Internet.
In addition, there is item that we cannot apply for from LINE, chat, the Internet partly.
About item that list (the outside site) does not have, apply for Oversized Garbage Reception Center on the telephone.
In addition, please confirm "instructions affecting application" beforehand.

Announcement of system maintenance

We perform system maintenance in the following schedules. During maintenance, you cannot use the Internet receptionist.
I apologize to all of the use for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.
Implementation period: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 from 11:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m.

LINE reception desk

Chat reception desk

The Internet reception desk

Application, inquiry over telephone

Monday through Saturday (including holiday): From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※We become absent on Sunday for New Year holidays (from December 31 January 3).

From general participation telephones,
0570-200-530 (navigator dial)

Cell-phone or IP telephone that call charge discount services such as flat rate or freefone are used,

  • There become very many wrong calls. You check number well, and have a seat.
  • On the next day of Monday, Tuesday and holiday, telephone is crowded very much.
  • We do not become talking during congestion. I put through from telephone having you call for a long time sequentially.
  • We record call contents to plan improvement in Quality of Service.
  • Apply after confirming materials and size of article given by oversized garbage beforehand.

Application, inquiry (for exclusive use of person with impaired sight, language) by FAX


  • Person with impaired hearing, language by FAX can apply.
  • You list article name, materials, size, the number of Address, the name, FAX number, given article, and please send.

Inquiry by email

[email protected] (for exclusive use of inquiry)

  • E-mail address of Oversized Garbage Reception Center is only for inquiry.
  • We cannot accept application for oversized garbage in this e-mail address. Application, please use telephone or the Internet.
  • I am sorry to trouble you, but you have you ask again, or please contact Oversized Garbage Reception Center after having inquiry by email even if it is past three business days when there is not reply.

Please confirm before inquiry

Carrying out collection of oversized garbage

To single life who cannot take elderly person and person with a disability, oversized garbage including certification for long-term care person, there is system to collect from indoor.

Inquiry to this page

Oversized Garbage Reception Center (application, inquiry of oversized garbage)

Telephone: 0570-200-530 or 045-330-3953

Telephone: 0570-200-530 or 045-330-3953

Fax: 045-550-3599 (for exclusive use of person with impaired hearing, language)

E-Mail address [email protected]

Person in charge of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau family system measures department Operations Section administration (inquiry of this page)

Telephone: 045-671-3815 ※Application for note oversized garbage is not possible here.

Telephone: 045-671-3815 ※Application for note oversized garbage is not possible here.

Fax: 045-662-1225 ※Application for note oversized garbage is not possible here.

E-Mail address [email protected]

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