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Oversized garbage

Among things taken out by family, the longest side applies to things more than 30cm, thing which is more than 50cm in other than it (plastic, wooden goods) with metal product.

Last update date April 17, 2019

By prior application, we collect for a fee. [reference] large-size waste disposal fee table
In addition, there is garbage which we cannot collect in city. "Discharge method of garbage which we cannot collect in city"
Common question about oversized garbage, please confirm "question (FAQ) that oversized garbage is common" in (the outside site).

We call and accept in Oversized Garbage Reception Center except Sunday in 10 consecutive holidays for Golden Week of this year.

Because it is 10 consecutive holidays for Golden Week of this year, oversized garbage telephone reception desk after Golden Week is crowded very much, and it is expected that telephone becomes hard to be connected.
As telephone receptionist of oversized garbage performs on Saturday, holiday except Sunday during period for Golden Week, please use.
In addition, we can apply for the Internet 24 hours a day, every day.

Receptionist center congestion prediction calendar of Golden Week
Receptionist center congestion prediction calendar

※By the telephone reception desk situation of the day, it may be different from the real telephone congestion situation.

How to dump a large-sized waste

You call 1 Oversized Garbage Reception Center or please propose on the Internet.

  1. Apply after confirming materials and size of article given by oversized garbage beforehand.
  2. We will tell about collection day, fee, place to provide at the time of application.

Oversized Garbage Reception Center

Application (year round) on the Internet (the outside site)
※About item that list does not have, apply for Oversized Garbage Reception Center on the telephone.
Application, inquiry from Monday to Saturday (including holiday) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. over telephone
From general participation telephones,
0570-200-530 (navigator dial)
Cell-phone or IP telephone that call charge discount services such as flat rate or freefone are used,
  • There become very many wrong calls. You check number well, and have a seat.
  • On the next day of Monday, Tuesday and holiday, telephone is crowded very much.
  • We do not become talking at the time of congestion either. I put through from telephone having you call for a long time sequentially.
  • We record call contents to plan Quality of Service improvement.
  • Person with impaired hearing, language by FAX can apply. You list item, materials, size, the number of address, the name, FAX number, given article, and please send.
It is for exclusive use of person with impaired hearing, language
FAX 045-550-3599
  • It takes around two weeks before collection from reception desk.
  • When we do not want to write full name on seal to put on oversized garbage, we can exchange with sign and initial. In the case of application, please consult.
  • Among articles taken out in oversized garbage, good thing which is in a state may do reuse (reuse). Thank you for your understanding beforehand. When you hope for disposal facility, in the case of application, please report. (Offer page of reuse furniture)
  • Oversized garbage which vomitus which person infected with to norovirus rotavirus carried on the back attached to for prevention of infection spread,Appropriate processingApply after having performed this. We cannot collect oversized garbage which appropriate processing is not made. (in detailTo page about appropriate processing)
  • You ask manufacturer for home appliances (microwave oven made before 1972) which PCB is used for, and apply after removing PCB.
  • At the Internet reception desk, we stop connection by SSL3.0 for measures to weakness of SSL3.0. In this way, we may not access depending on environment of errand. When you cannot access, please try setting of the use environment after change to coding method using "TLS" again.
  • <reference information>
  • About fragile measures of SSL3.0 (the outside site))
  • It is setting method in case of the use in Internet Explorer
Instructions which affect navigator dial (number to begin with 0570)
  • Navigator dial (number to begin with 0570) may not be connected depending on environment such as some IP telephone (number to begin with 050). When you do not lead to navigator dial, apply on number of 045-330-3953 or the Internet.
  • When we ran to general landline, call charge of navigator dial is call charge and the same amount to take. (sender it burdens.)
    In addition, when you run to navigator dial from cell-phone and IP telephone, you are out of call charge discount services such as freefones that each phone company sets, and please be careful as call charge occurs.
  • Firstly guidance message flows through navigator dial, but call charge does not occur until it leads to operator.

Please pay 2 fees

  1. Please pay fee that you confirmed at the time of application at financial institution, post office, convenience store of Motoichi designation in the city.
  2. We receive receipt, collection seal. Please keep receipt until collection is finished by all means.
  • As collection seal does not have on expiration date, seal which became unnecessary is available on the next time. Please will consult about one without possibility to use in future. In addition, please be careful as you cannot reissue damage, collection seal when it was lost.
  • Thing without receipt datemark is invalid. When you receive, please confirm.
  • Convenience store dealer is community store, Circle K Sunkus, Three F, person of life Aya, Seven-Eleven, Daily YAMAZAKI, three eight, FamilyMart, poplar, MINISTOP, Lawson.

Please take out 3 oversized garbage

You put collection seal on point that you are easy to look at of oversized garbage, and please provide in place that you confirmed at the time of application by 8:00 a.m. of collection daily allowance day. We collect on rainy day.

  • Oversized garbage divides into inflammables, recyclable garbage, incombustibles and makes collection, disposal. We may collect even one application by material of article in another time.
  • Fire accident of collection car occurs. Please take out stove, gas range base after pulling kerosene and battery by all means.

When we bring in oversized garbage directly

We can bring oversized garbage into facility in four places of city directly by yourself.
When you bring in directly, you call Oversized Garbage Reception Center beforehand or please propose on the Internet.
At the time of application, please offer the import date and time. We will tell about import place, fee (sum and the same amount that city collects).
We cannot carry in beforehand when there is not application.
We do not handle fee seal in self-import facility. You pay fee beforehand at financial institution, post office, convenience store, and you attach seal on article, and please bring in.

Reduction of taxes of oversized garbage fee

There is system to remit fee in that Health and Welfare Center length admitted in elderly people of single life that it is difficult to carry in household, oversized garbage which elderly person (65 years or older) receiving authorization of social security household, specific Chinese residual Japanese household, household where the physical disability first grade or the second grade, the mental disorder first grade, mental disabilities A1 or receiving authorization of A2, overlap disorder (physical disability third grade and mental disabilities B1) belongs to, single-parent household receiving the welfare issue of the medical care certificate, The Long-term Care Insurance need of nursing care 4 or 5 belongs to directly 70 years or older. For more details, please refer to Oversized Garbage Reception Center.

  • In the case of application for oversized garbage, please offer that it is object of reduction of taxes.
  • Please note that you may need time for procedure than time to collection from normal receptionist.
  • The number that coarse waste disposal fee becomes exemption becomes to all target people, four a year (April 1 - next year March 31) per one household.

Carrying out collection of oversized garbage

In single life which we cannot take out elderly person and person with a disability, oversized garbage including person of certification for long-term care into, there is system to collect from indoor.

Please confirm before inquiry

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Oversized Garbage Reception Center (application, inquiry of oversized garbage)

Telephone: 0570-200-530 or 045-330-3953

Telephone: 0570-200-530 or 045-330-3953

Fax: 045-550-3599

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Person in charge of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau family system measures department Operations Section administration (inquiry of this page)

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Telephone: 045-671-2557

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