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With local recyclables collection

Last update date January 18, 2019

With local recyclables collection

Local recyclables collection , Io

It is collection of recyclable garbage (paper, cloth, metal kind, bottles) which regional societies (registration group) such as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and registration supplier carry out.
Collection is carried out based on registration group and contract of registration supplier.
According to quantity of collection, incentive wages are issued from Yokohama-shi.
Collection day and the details of conduct including collection place arrange with registration group in registration suppliers. (not trust collection by Yokohama-shi.)

What is local recyclables collection ?

"Anything as for the local recyclables collection " What "collect anything" "It is anywhere and collects" "One different from collection of Yokohama-shi in anything"
We answer question about local recyclables collection .

>>>What is local recyclables collection ?

Structure of system

It is collaboration business that citizen, company, administration play each role in local recyclables collection and work on weight loss and recycling of garbage.
We explain each role and structure of incentive wages grant system.

>>>Structure of system

History of system

The furtherance for local recyclables collection began in 1983.
We explain changes of quantity of process and collection of the furtherance.

>>>History of system

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