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Why do you distribute containers and packaging made of plastic?

Last update date January 7, 2019

Why is it in containers and packaging made of plastic? Do you distribute?

When containers and packaging made of plastic burns up, we give greenhouse gas (CO2) of 150 times such as kitchen garbage.
Not only by separating, reuse (recycling) can make resources into, but also greatly contributes to reduction of CO2.

Plastic CO2

The most separate greenhouse gas appearing from refuse disposal to go out of factory in the case of destruction by fire, and it is important at all not to burn.

You heard that classification advanced, but can you not separate?

About 40% were non-discretion, and containers and packaging made of plastic has got mixed with burnable garbage.
It becomes about 27,000t a year (ton) in Yokohama-shi.

When do this around the one, is the year; 7kg.
It is around four pieces, but becomes serious quantity when we convert into bags such as vegetables per day if dusts are piled up.

We can separate can, about 95% of bottle plastic bottles, and classification advanced, but, as for the product made in plastic containers and packaging, thing which we can recycle still more is provided by cooperation of everybody as non-classification.

Food packages such as cake or noodles, bag of vegetables

Does containers and packaging made of plastic not get mixed with burnable garbage?

Which is containers and packaging made of plastic?

Containers and packaging made of plastic is package part or container, packing part which we wrapped products in.
Containers and packaging made of plastic has plastic mark basically.
Things (product) to use such as ball-point pens are classified in burnable garbage even if made of plastic.

Thing which is not necessary when the contents disappear → Containers and packaging made of plastic
We use thing which we bought to use and are broken and throw away → Burnable garbage

Container of miso and the package
Miso is products.
Because container loses the contents, and throw away; plastic

Lunch of convenience store and the container
Lunch is products.
Because eat, and the contents disappear, and throw away; plastic

Mayonnaise and the tube container
Mayonnaise (the contents) is products.
If use up, and do not need; plastic.

Ball-point pen and the package
Ball-point pen is products.
As bag of package is parcel of products; plastic

Apple and the protection net
Apple is products.
Because is packing materials to protect products; plastic

Snack cake and the bag
Cake is products
Parcel of the circumference is plastic.

Though it is made of same plastic, why does plastic product (products) not separate?

As for the containers and packaging made of plastic, company (person making, selling person) bears expense of recycling.
On the other hand, person bearing recycling expense is not fixed for product part by law.

When we are going to recycle plastic product which law nakade, all of now provided to cost money very much, a large amount of tax is necessary for recycling.

Therefore we cannot recycle now, but Yokohama-shi seeks that it establishes in law so that company bears expense of recycling for country.

Bucket, hanger, CD, Tupper

Plastic product is burnable garbage

Can you recycle dirty thing?

We can recycle even if dirty. As for the dirt which the surface got, I would like cooperation such as rinsing out lightly.
As for the tube-formed things such as mayonnaise, it is not necessary to open up, and to wash if you can use up the contents.

Of course cooperation in range enacted in better one which we can recycle, please when we can have beautiful sen.

Thing without plastic mark?

We display somewhere else and are doing because we cannot list bags of small packing and transparence.
Please take out thing which you wrapped products in in containers and packaging made of plastic.

We want to separate, but what should I do?

There are a lot of people, "there is not trash box" when we ask person who cannot separate story.
At first, it is prepared trash box.
Kitchen in particular is place that a lot of garbage leaves. Let's prepare at least three trash boxes.
(burnable garbage, containers and packaging made of plastic, other paper)

We use bag to hook, and simple trash box includes method to use.
Hooks for door which is usable under the sink are sold.

Inflection of garbage bag

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