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3R dream PR video

Last update date January 28, 2019

Under video exhibition that is 3R dream!

Kanagawa University X 3R dream February 4 news release (the outside site) (to Kanagawa Ward homepage)
Based on idea of student, the Motoichi staff and student of Kanagawa University Matsumoto seminar (the outside site) and Kanagawa University KU studio (the outside site) produced video together.

April 15 NEW

It is hen in jindaizaka ... beautiful town

Collection day edition "jindaizaka - classification girl"

Classification game application (application for smartphone tablet)

To classification game and classification application
Classification application has function of "mikushonari" which classification understands just to input article name.

To there of G30 Yokohama 3R dream (slim)

On outing, cooperation, please for living that is 3R dream (slim) with my bottle my hashi.

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