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Recycling of duvet (oversized garbage)

Last update date September 15, 2020

Recycling of duvet
Duvet is reborn as new duvets.

About reproduction of feather

Before and after recycling of feather

Feather is material superior in the durability and even if side dough (gawakiji) goes bad, we repeat feather of the inside and are usable.
Dirts collect by continuing using, and feather may be destroyed, but by drying, dust removing, cleaning can use as the same material at the time of production.
(the left: feather before reproduction right: feather after reproduction)

※Image offer, Fuji new good luck

Lists such as quantity of exploitation of resources and processing supplier

The recycling results
The yearRecycling supplierQuantity of exploitation of resources
R02Fuji new good luck 
R01Kawada feather, Maruhachi Mawata10t
H30Fuji new good luck, Kawada feather12t

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