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Of recyclable garbage it is prohibited carrying away

Last update date December 21, 2018

Carrying away is not good

Act to carry away recyclable garbage (recycle paper) provided in the city in accumulation place and local recyclables collection place systematically occurs.

Of refuse provided by recyclable garbage given by local recyclables collection by Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and administrative collection it is prohibited by bylaw carrying away. When we violate, we may be sentenced to fine 200,000 yen or less.

(recyclable garbage given by all refuse by administrative collection of Yokohama-shi and local recyclables collection is object.)
("regulations about reduction, exploitation of resources and appropriate handling of Yokohama-shi refuse" Article 51)

Such as when carry away, and there is act, incentive wages not being issued by registration group, resource recovery supplier of local recyclables collection , and classification consciousness of citizens decreasing; adversely affect.

With local recyclables collection : Separately from administrative collection that Yokohama-shi collects, resource recovery supplier makes a contract with regional societies such as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and collects recyclable garbage (recycle paper, used cloth). Incentive wages are issued according to quantity of collection from Yokohama-shi, and incentive wages are funds of local action. Page of local recyclables collection

If we discover durability kyo rio

Please connect with Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Operations Section or each ward collection office.

As act such as carrying away by yourself, and arresting doer may be dangerous, please wait.
・Carry away; characteristic (registration number, car model) of doer
・Place, the date and time, type of recyclable garbage
・The situation before being carried away
It inflects as important information at the time of patrol if we understand nadoga.

[contact information]
Person in charge of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Operations Section exploitation of resources (Phone: 045-671-2553, fax:045-663-8199)
Each ward Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office

To reduce durability kyo rio

When recyclable garbage is taken out other than the collection day, we carry away, and it becomes easy to be aimed by doer.

Let's provide by 8:00 a.m. of collection day

We prevent durability kyo rio and would appreciate your understanding and cooperation to safe reliable town development.

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Telephone: 045-671-3819

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