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Please cooperate with "paper" and classification enforcement of "plastic"

Last update date December 21, 2018

In Motoichi, we devise "Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan" in January, 2011 and, as well as "recycling", push forward "reducing" to reduce garbage itself (outbreak restraint) and aim at succeeding rich environment in history. However, "the resources amount of resources" resulted in increasing "quantity of garbage" although we decreased in comparison with last year in 2011.
As a result, we perform reinforcement of the remainder of garbage according to active holding and undifferentiation of inhabitants briefing session and will plan reduction of "burnable garbage".
In addition, much recyclable garbage still gets mixed in "burnable garbage", but particularly much one is "recycle paper" and "product made in plastic containers and packaging". We had all of Neighborhood Association, the Neighborhood Associations circulate the following flyers (PDF file) to have this classification be thorough again (※) there.
Not only working on "reducing" but also understanding, cooperation, please for "paper" and classification enforcement of "plastic" once again.

  • 11% of "recycle paper" and "product made in plastic containers and packaging" of 5% got mixed with "burnable garbage" taken out by family by the results in 2010.

Classification flyer of "paper" and "plastic"


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