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Town development of Hazawa district

Last update date March 11, 2019

Policy of the present situation and town development

In Hazawa district, new East Kanagawa area line station is going to be maintained, and convenience of neighboring local traffic and life improves in this way. On the other hand, decrease in natural environments including various development, green tracts of land and farmland, local living environment including safe drop of district may change.
Therefore inhabitants (Kanagawa Ward, Hodogaya Ward) around the new station established "around Hazawa Station district town development meeting" to arrange problem expected with problem and problems of the present situation in area, new station setting, and to consider and considered for development of "town development basic plan" (district plan).

(as for the process of examination in meeting, please see homepage of Kanagawa Ward)

We accepted suggestion from meeting and devised "around Hazawa Station town development guidelines" to become policy on town development around the new station.
We will utilize for town development of this district in future while sharing guidelines this as guideline that it hits town development activity and use of company area of Motoichi of land by company with, and planning correspondence for change of a situation of district by new station setting or maintenance of the outskirts road or change of society economic situation flexibly.

Around Hazawa Station town development guidelines (PDF: 3,456KB)
Around Hazawa Station town development guidelines summary version (PDF: 1,039KB)

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