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Sounding investigation

Last update date February 17, 2020

We carried out "talks" with all of private business person or the public interest corporations about municipal ownership soil utilization located at 1, Onocho, Kanagawa-ku

Sounding type conducts a market survey to utilize the municipal ownership ground (1-24, Onocho, Kanagawa-ku, "former Yokohama city air terminal site") effectively in Yokohama-shi ※We carried this out.
We carried out "talks" to ask all of private business person or the public interest corporations about location evaluation, entry intention this time and investigated possibility of utilization corresponding to policy of town development or local needs.
※Sounding type market research is investigation to grasp market through "talks" to have you suggest opinion from companies about the utilization method widely at early stage of utilization examination of municipal ownership places.

Basic information (as of November 4, 2014) of the target ground

Basic information
The location1-24, Onocho, Kanagawa-ku
Classification of land and category, acreage of a plot of landResidential land, 3,949.69m2
Restricted zone (coverage ratio, floor area ratio)Industrial district (60%, 200%)
High district designationThe fifth class altitude district (the maximum)
OthersFormer Yokohama city air terminal (YCAT) building survival

※Do you confirm limit contents with city planning, Building Standard Act road classification in "i- muppie?"
( (the outside site)

Basic way of thinking of use of land

Conditions to premise in talks are as follows.

  1. Securing of function to offer for local contribution
  • Community function
  • Function of disaster prevention base
  • In addition, (the welfare incremental functions)
  1. Facility which becomes nucleus of "the town of art & design"

In Yokohama 京急バス district, we advocate concept called "the town of art & design" and push forward town development to include various elements such as history and culture, internationality, innovativeness that it blooms, and Yokohama has as cliff of "design city" to aim at of Yokohama-shi.

※About the present situation of Yokohama 京急バス district and policy of town development, please refer to the following web page (Yokohama 京急バス district) of City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section.

Block development in our district is the situation that is almost completed. Suggestion that can let you activate the whole Yokohama 京急バス district more, please by providing equipment, and planning to have satisfied 1, 2 conditions mentioned above in the target ground.
In addition, we enable plan using existing building on considering. In addition, business method does not matter about sale, commuter pass leased land.

The conduct points of talks

Press release

Result summary

Conduct summary (schedule)

  1. Application for talks participation (finished)

You fill in required items in "entry sheet" (style 1), and please submit to the following application after attachment to E-mail by time limit. In addition, please assume title [talks participation application].

  • Application

City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section
E-mail: [email protected]

  1. Holding (finished) of briefing session

About conduct method, contents of summary of the target ground and talks, we hold briefing session. Person that participation is hoped for, please contact the following application by E-mail by time limit. In addition, title assumes [briefing session participation application], and please list group name, representative name, the number of participants, contact information in the text.
※When he/she does not participate in briefing session, you can apply to talks.

  • The date and time, place

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (the opening: at 9:45)
Yokohama City Hall main government building the eighth floor 802 meeting room (1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)

  • Application

City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section
E-mail: [email protected]

  1. Conduct of talks
  • The date and time, place

After the middle of December, 2014 (1 group: from 30 minutes for one hour)
Yokohama City Hall main government building or neighboring meeting rooms (the Kannai Station neighborhood)
※About the date and time, we adjust individually after the application reception desk.

  • Eligible people

Private business person or public interest corporation which may perform business
Group, individual who can coordinate business

  • About information of the target ground and content of talks

Please refer to after three pages of conduct points (PDF: 378KB).

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