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Business incubation base "Kannai future center" opening

Last update date March 5, 2020

We plan Kannai, Kangai-District activated promotion in Yokohama-shi ※Based on 1 "network formation experimental project as for Yokohama-shi business incubation base setting and the entrepreneur" ※We promote 2 (we say "experimental project" as follows.).
In district as for the experimental project concerned business incubation base (say "base" as follows.) Participation in planning such as reinforcement of incubation function, entrepreneur to town development activity is intended that they plan local activation by installing this, and forming networks such as entrepreneurs around base.
We invited public participation for conduct company and decided company after examination of the choice examination committee composed of outside well-informed people last year.
Setting of base is pushed forward by company and will open as "Kannai future center" (tentative name) on Monday, March 14.

Base name

"Kannai future center" (tentative name)
We are going to announce official name in opening ceremony of Friday, March 11

The location

3-33, Kitanakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Kanagawa medium and small-sized business mutual aid hall 1, 2F


Kannai innovation initiative
Name at the time of the company choice: Kannai, Kangai-District duties function reproduction model society
We establish company (representative company: public interest incorporated foundation entrepreneur support foundation) in December, 2010


  • Friday, March 11, 2011 opening ceremony
The 16:30 opening of a meeting
16:40 Keynote Speech
17:10 facility explanation, sneak preview
18:00 opening ceremony reception
  • 14th Monday 10:00 base opening
Please refer to Kannai innovation initiative for the details and coverage of base.
Kannai innovation initiative establishment preparations room (until March 13)
5-80, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa medium and small-sized business center Building entrepreneur support foundation
TEL: 045-263-9222 FAX: 045-263-9220 charge: Hatta, forest


Kannai future center (tentative name) flyer (PDF: 669KB)

※1 <Kannai, Kangai-District activated promotion plan>
We held hometown discussion meeting consisting of various places such as Neighborhood Associations, town development group of review meeting and Kannai, Kangai-District consisting of expert, the local people concerned in Urban Development Bureau from 2008 and held citizen opinion offer and symposium and pushed forward examination of activation plan of Kannai, Kangai-District while having opinion of widely citizen's. Based on these opinions, we devised "Kannai, Kangai-District activated promotion plan" in March, 2010.
By this plan, "the comfortable environmental downtown area" sets 12 strategies for problem solution "to rebuild the vitality creation downtown area as work place by support to people of company, reproduction of existing duties building group" with four basic policies of "collaboration, the cowound downtown area" "the city vitality creation downtown area" "the OLD & NEW downtown area".
From 2010, we devise action plan that is concrete execution plan and, as approach to start with precedence, push forward reproduction of duties function and excursion-related reinforcement, promotion of the area management.
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※2 <business incubation base setting and entrepreneur network formation experimental project>
We make use of Kannai, Kangai-District having many small and medium size buildings after age and install base (business incubation base) planning exchange promotion such as entrepreneurs in space room of existing duties building and do with model to regenerate as place of new business, employment.
In addition, we plan local activation such as reinforcement of expanse and incubation function of business, participation in planning of entrepreneur to town development activity by forming networks such as entrepreneur or small company around this base.
We establish business incubation base in 2010 and are going to perform the network formation such as entrepreneurs in 2011-2012.
Country and city issue subsidy to this business.

※Press release material [PDF version] can look at the following.
Press release material (PDF: 847KB)

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